Bat Knife Easy Access




Introduction: Bat Knife Easy Access

In my office I am constantly in need of a sharp knife to cut various different things. From opening packages, to kids stuff, to life hack projects. I used to keep an X-acto knife close at hand, but was taking it in and out of the drawer and box. I decided I was too lazy to keep doing that so I wanted a sharp blade close by that I could just grab, use and return all in one motion.

Step 1: Need a Sharp Knife

So first I decided that I needed a sharp knife that was compact but also cool. So, I purchased a batman double-bladed knife off Amazon. It is inexpensive but not cheap. The blades were very sharp when they arrived. The back of the knife has a small metal clip to attach to a belt.

Step 2: Magnet

Next, I needed a strong magnet. Luckily, I came across this instructable from beazy55555 showing how to pull some fairly powerful neodymium magnets from old hard drives. After following the instructable I had an nicely shaped, neodymium magnet which had a brace with screw holes already built in. I attached the magnet to the side of my desk with some small screws.

Step 3: All Done

Now I have a quick access blade which I used often enough. Thanks beazy55555

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    6 years ago

    I have this knife. it would be more fun if it worked like a balisong.