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Made this for a friend who was super hyped about batman v superman

For this project you will need:Materials

1, Hardened steel plate


3, Black spray paint



1, Hacksaw or angle grinder

2, Hand files

3, Bench grinder

4, Rotary tool with sharpening and sanding bits

5, drill (optional)

Step 1: Design

mark out a piece of steel 5.5 inches by 2 inches and draw out the basic shape

Step 2: Basic Shape

Cut out the basic square shape so it is easier to move and hold in the vice

this can take upwards of 30 mins if you are using a hacksaw about 5 if you use an angle grinder (but they are really dangerous) i got our mechanic to cut it out for me with the angle grinder (if i had to do it myself i would have used a hacksaw)

Step 3: Rough Shape

cut off the excess material and then you are left with a rough shape

(you have to use a hacksaw for this part there isn't any quick way unless you have a plasma cutter)

Step 4: Cleaning

use a file to clean up the shape then use the sandpaper to get rid of any surface rust

Step 5: Base Coat

cover the batarang in primer (i used a rust neutralising one that i had lying around)

Step 6: First Coat

paint it black

Step 7: Bevelling

use the bench grinder to put in the bevels as pictured above (if you don't have a bench grinder you can use a hand file)

Step 8: Sharpening

Re-coat in black paint and then get rid of the paint on the bevels using the sharpen bit on a rotary tool (this will also sharpen it obviously)

Step 9: Finished

enjoy the fruits of your labour, go out hunting bad guys with this weird weapon or do what i did and pair it with a white background to get a nice photo

Step 10: Other Stuff

don't throw this at people or property

wear ear, nose and eye protection when grinding or sanding use spray paint in a well ventilated area

Other notes

I learned that a soldier or airman assigned to somebody is called a batman so Alfred is batman's batman

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    4 years ago

    Very cool well done.