Batch File Address Book

Introduction: Batch File Address Book

About: Returning to To show off my new batch game in the works Called Asteroid Belt! - Raven

This Includes\ Source Code,Application Version and Creator information.

Created By Me:Raven Codes

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Step 1: How to Get Application

Download Here 100% Safe!

(I suggest Saving this to your desktop)

Download link Below: Enjoy!!!

Step 2: How to Save Address Book

Save This To Your Desktop and right click on it and Extract files to desktop>

It will create a folder with the Address book Source Code and Creator Information>

Keep it all in one folder becuz It will save the addresses/phone numbers in that folder.

Step 3: How to UseThe Address Book

First Open up the Address Book, Then for every Option there will be very descriptive Instructions>

So you should have no problem Using this Application.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    sorry about the project part, that comment didnt send, but would you like to help out with the batch?


    5 years ago

    hey raven, I know what I said about the projects but I think we can start our batch now, can you email me at