Batch File Replicator

Batch files. Whatever you use them for, you know they could be good or evil. Let's go to the evil side of things.

This is a replicator, so it will open itself forever. Be warned of all the possible damage it can do.


This is my first instuctable, so tell me what you think!

I know this might have been done before, but wanted to practice using this website.

(sorry for the bad introduction picture)

Step 1: STEP I : Creating the File.

The first step is to physically make the file. Open notepad (other programs could work but notepad is super convenient) and save as whatever you like. I chose to name it Hello.

Don't forget to save it as a .bat and to change it from a .txt to "All Files"

Step 2: STEP II: the Base of the Command.

Now for the actual command itself. Type in the following:

start "" **

Not very much, right? Only one line.

I will show you how to replace in the next step.

Step 3: STEP III: Inserting

You're half-way done. Now to replace the "" and the **

So far, your command looks like this:

start "' **

The "" is easy to obtain. Go to the folder where your file is, right click the file, then click


Under location, you will see something similar to this: C:\Users\JohnCena\documents

Copy the location and put it in between the quotation marks, so now your command will be like this:

start "C:\Users\****\Music" **

The asterisks are easier. Just replace it with name of the file. Finished, it will look like this:

start "C:\Users\****\Music" hello

Step 4: STEP IV: the Results

The files opens itself infinitely.

Myself, I do not know what happens if you leave it running.

It may crash or possibly something worse.

On Windows 10, I can close without much interference.

However, on the numerous Windows 7 computers I tested,

I had to manually turn off the computer.

Be warned and have fun. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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    2 years ago

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!