Batch Game : Noughts and Crosses Using a Save Folder




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Hey guys, recently there has been the development of lots of Batch games. But not many of them use a actual file to store data and progress. This is why I made this small Batch Noughts and Crosses game (note I later realised I could use "Set var= Have Fun!

Comment if you want me to give a detailed explanation of how it works, or put the code up online to save you from downloading it (Though that doesn't really require that much effort)




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Note: The save directory "Progress" will be saved on your desktop if you click "run".


    10 months ago

    Sorry Doesn't Work Just Said "The Path Can't Be Found" A Bunch Of Times

    Don't Want To Upset Tho


    3 years ago

    I would love you to explain how this works as well as putting up instructions on how to add it to your computer without downloading it!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    The code for this is really long and kinda tricky to explain. To view the code simply click on the link and it should open in a new tab. While a lot of it is hard to read/understand as I didn't make it thinking others would ever look at it, if you push yourself you might understand it. If you do have any questions comment or email me. I might take a week or too but I will reply for sure :D.

    some stuff needs fixed in the code like goto :newgame should be goto newgame unless the code is


    then it would be goto :newgame but I looked over the code.

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    Actually with the goto command, "goto x" is exactly the same as "goto :x" the command ignores the colon and the only reason people put it there is if they feel it looks better. If it did not work, the game would not run.

    Really nice program you done (Actually your thought is nice instead of program). I will share it with my friend.