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This is an open source and complex, but simple to use batch Log-in system that already has things added to it. It is available for you to add what ever you want. You can lock and unlock folders and files with this. You can use a simple calculator. It allows you to change your username and password for when you create an account on this log-in system. WARNING: It does create files on your computer that are harmless. It creates an AccountBin folder in your documents that has all the profiles and the information on the profiles. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Install

Just simply install the files given below. It will most likely say the file will harm your computer, but it won't. They are both just harmless batch files I created on my computer.

Step 2: Open the Files

Open the Log-in System file and the Lock file. The Lock file is used to lock accounts that were created with this Log-in System. You can restrict access on certain accounts made in this Log-in system. Running either of these files will automatically create the files needed to run this properly.

Step 3: Sign-up

Just sign-up. You just enter a username and password that can be changed.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy! Add whatever you want or remove what every you want! I left a few notes in the coding to kind of help you understand how you can edit some parts of the code! Have fun!

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