Batch Movie Maker


Introduction: Batch Movie Maker

Buried deep in the Internet I found a batch text movie make designed by screwthelotofyou and decided to share it with everole and make it easier to find
Just remember I didn't make it :(

Step 1: The Code

The code is found below just open the downloaded file and run the batch file

View the next step for more batch files :)

Please share your movies in the comments !

Step 2: The End

Thank you for viewing my instructable to see other ones I have view here

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    6 Discussions

    sadly the website is blocked where i live ): also i have a blog at and it would be nice if you sent me some programs for me to show off on my blog at :)

    1 reply

    the first 4 pictures are from the game sanctuary RPG, which is definitely not there. I'm also not willing to just download some random file, so please make it look a little bit trustworthy if you want people to download whatever thing is behind that link

    2 replies

    please post the movies you have made here :)