Bath Bomb Cupcakes




Introduction: Bath Bomb Cupcakes

Learn as Anne-Marie of SoapQueenTV shows how to make extra special bath fizzies. In this episode, Anne-Marie shares a unique tub frosting recipe that hardens perfectly and melts into a luxurious bubble bath. Then she shows how to make adorable bath bomb cupcakes that look good enough to eat - but we recommend tossing them in the bath tub instead! 



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    3 Discussions

    Can you help me? What do the ingredients in the frosting do for the texture/use of the bath bomb? For instance, what is the purpose of the sugar, SLS, and meringue powder?

    Can you please give me the site where I can watch the "Introduction to making bath fizzies". I can't find it, and I typed it into brambleberry and it says no product match found. So where do I find it so I can watch it. TY