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Recently the chain attaching the plug to my bath tub came off, pulling right through the rubber of the plug so simple re-attachment wasn't an option.

I created this fix using a mini pack of Sugru, the original rubber plug from the bath tub, and a rubberised wall hook I had leftover.

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Step 1: Inspiration & Supplies

My kitchen sink plug has a nice big loop of a handle (first photo) and I wanted to re-create something that was fun, funky and accessible to both children and those with joint problems causing accessibility issues.

The screw plate featured in the second photo is part of the wall fixing for the knob / wall hook and isn't used in this project.

Step 2: Using Sugru As an Adhesive

I used a whole mini pack of blue Sugru for this, a more accurate colour-match can be obtained by mixing mini pack colours, I only had blue and yellow leftover, so I used the blue as is, adding yellow would have just made it more green.

I worked the Sugru in my hands to soften it up before rolling it into a sausage shape, and using this sausage as a gasket around the top edge of the plug. The wall hook / knob was placed on top. The Sugru edges were smoothed with the heat from my fingers alone, and the piece was left overnight on the windowsill to cure.

NB: Be sure to leave enough plug uncovered by Sugru so that it still fits snuggly into the plug hole, my plug featured a production artefact in the form of a line (no doubt from the injection moulding process) you may need to mark yours!

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    Good idea! Our plug went missing lately, your instructable comes right on time. Thanks!