Bathroom Bluetooth Speakers

About: Always busy, always making things. In the beginning especially analog circuits with LED's and electronic circuits. Later began my love for wood. When i bought my own place the man-cave was born. In this cave...

The idea comes from my already built in water resistance speakers in the bathroom.

The previous owners of my house built some speakers in the bathroom ceiling, and i wantesd to use them again.

The wire's for these speakers run thru some airvent to the attic where they connected them probably to a amplifier and pc with music.

I wanted a simple solution because i did not have a stereo amplifier and pc on the attic, I just wanted to connect with my android phone with all my favourite music via bluetooth. The easiest way is a bleutooth aurdio receiver, a small aplifier and a power supply in a "black box".

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Soldering iron
  • Glue gun
  • Cutting tool

Materials needed:

  • a "black box" : Mine came from an old housing for a 3,5 inch tape drive. Inside is a power supply with the needed 12 and 5 volts
  • A small 12 volt amplifier: Just bought it on ebay. It is small, its delivers 2x 15watts. Enough for the 22watt speakers hanging in the bathroom
  • 2x Water resistance or nautical/marine speakers. You can find them on ebay or maybe at a local speaker store.Mine where already ther, i unscrewed them from the ceiling to see how much power they can handle. They where rated 22 watts so the 15 watt provided from the small amplifier is more then enough!
  • A bleutooth audio receiving "pod": A small and useful device. Just connect your android or iphone via bluetooth and it outputs a analiog audio signal. Perfect for connecting to an amplifier. Also available via ebay

Step 2: Connecting the Bricks

No rocket science, just a logical order:

  1. Remove the bleutooth receiver from its casing
  2. Build the amplifier up since it was a DIY kit.
  3. Connect the amplifier and the bluetooth receiver to the power supply. For the receiver i cut a defect usb cable with a micro usb connector.
  4. Connect the amplifier to the bluetooth receiver with a jack to jack cable ( headphones to headphones) These where delivered in the package of the bleutooth receiver
  5. Connect some wires to the blue LED to give it a place in the front of the casing.
  6. Connect the amplifier to the breakout connector. I used a terminal block, glued inside the casing.
  7. Glue everything solid inside the casing

Step 3: Connecting and Testing

Before actual connecting every thing, like the speakers, first test it with a spare speaker if everything works.

Fortunate it al works like charm!

Now its time to connect the speakers on the attic and the mains to the "black box"

Connect the phone to the bleutooth receiver and presto!


Now we can listen to music in the bathroom, when we are brushing our teeth or bathing etcetera!



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