Bathroom Organizer

Introduction: Bathroom Organizer

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Materials needed

Basic hand tools
1 sheet of 5/8 plywood
Staple gun
Pin nailer
Table saw
Circular/miter saw either works
Stain of choice

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Step 1: Getting Started

Start by ripping off 9 inches off your plywood with your table saw. Make sure you have a good support set up so your wood doesn't fall or sent it off the guide.

Then using your miter or your circular saw cut 2 pieces at 28 inches long.

These will be your sides

Step 2: Rounding the Side Boards

Using your jigsaw cut the tops making them round at however extreme you want it. I want mine with not too much curve so it's personal preference.

Using a clamp put both of them together so you get the exact Same cut on both sides. Slow down and take your time or it will look like shit.

Use a string and a pencil to get it how you want

Cut on the outside of the line in case you mess up then clean it up after you get it how you want. Remember you will be sanding it at the end. Imperfections can be fixed at the end

Step 3: Making the Shelves

For this you will use your table saw to rip 9 inches off your sheet of plywood again
Or make a jig and make the cut wit a circular saw which is what I do

Now you can cut your shelves for length as long as you want. I'm going to cut mine longer so I can have a block in the middle to separate the shelves in half so of your copying this I cut mine at 25 inches. I'm having three shelves so it has more space.

Step 4: Cutting Notches for Shelves

Ok now you can do this one way or the other. I like to cut notches to strengthen and hide joints. So if you don't want to do that just shoot it all together now and be done with it. If you do want to do my way then stay tuned.

Figure out where you want shelves and how much space you want in between them. Make sure you make the marking on the correct side. If you do it on the wrong side your curves won't line up like mine and I has to cut them off.

Mark them with a pencil then using a cut off from your shelf and a speed square mark a straight line across the board so you know where to cut. Mark both sides of the board

Now your ready for the table saw

Set the depth and the guide where you need it so you can get the lines cut out. So then you have the middle left to just saw out. Cut both boards at each saw setting so you don't have to adjust your saw over and over. You don't even have to mark your other side board. Always cut on the inside of your line so you don't make it too big. It's better to be to small and have to shave more wood off than having to start over or deal with the imperfection. After you cut the top and bottom start sawing the middle out. It's repetitive but cleaner than a chisel. For those of you asking why aren't I using a router? Because this is another way. That's why.

Step 5: Sand It

Sand everything. Make it nice and smooth and if you want the corners and edges rounded do that

Step 6: Take a Dip!

You may be frustrated with little problems you have encountered by now so take a dip and a drink of your coca cola take a break and get ready for the next step!

Step 7: Assembly

Ok I'm going to shoot mine together with trim nails. But glue it first. In the grooves you cut put a dab of glue, stick it together, then shoot it. Like I said earlier I marked my grooves on the wrong side so I had to cut them off.

Now your done. Unless you want to add shelf spacers which I'm doing but I won't explain how to do that ill post a picture of the finished product. It's pretty self explanatory. Thanks for reading

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