Batik on Canvas Tutorial for Beginners and Children





Introduction: Batik on Canvas Tutorial for Beginners and Children

Follow easy steps and create beautiful batik on canvas paintings or teach your children to do it. This batik tutorial is part of art therapy classes held by ZoricaDuranicZorica Duranic at center for children with disabilities Ivan Stark, Osijek, Croatia. You will need: White cotton canvas, various cotton dye, melted wax



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    I'm not seeing any. I'm trying to guess what's happening in each picture....but that can be dangerous with melted wax and hot irons :P

    It's good for the starter student how to learn making and we enjoy it to learn...

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. So glad I am on holidays, so I can try these ideas out. I especially love the detergent bottles.

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    I work with autistic kids and have alot of projects we do if you're interested...among them are 3d fish (cut the top half of a waterbottle, paint the inside, staple shut, add a piece for a tail), louise nevelson boxes (easy - just google her art), lots of various printmaking and painting methods...let me know if you'd like ideas!

    This is absolutely wonderful. Does anyone else have any other suggestions for art therapy projects that my injured adult students can do. Some of them have limited hand movement, unable to sit or stand for any length of time, back and neck problems, etc. Thanks in advance, Naomi

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    Your students can draw and color their pictures using crayons and then someone can iron them onto plain white cotton and make them into comfy pillows and quilts for their beds and wheelchairs. Clay is a great choice also. There are various air drying clays on the markets that can inspire them to create wonderfully imaginative works of art........also helps with hand and eye coordination. Also, papermache projects are a great choice. Can use prepared mix or make your own with strips of newspaper and thinned down white glue. They can put strips over blown up balloons to create bowls, pretty balls, banks, etc... Strips can be put over clean detergent bottles to create banks............dishwashing liquid bottles make really pretty figured victorian doll banks.......add a styrofoam ball for the head before covering with papermache. Hope this helps some. I am a retired geriatric nurse and these were some projects we did with our residents.