Batman Arkham Asylum Scarecrow Fear Glove Injector

What you need is simple, a few plastic pipes from Home Depot, a glove, 4 metal paintbrushes, 4 water Hose adapters, screws, and pipe rings. Use what fits your arm and hand best. My glove cost about 20 dollars to make

Step 1: Put It Together

Use all the pieces you bought and put them together, you will need some plastic rings and screws to put the arm Gauntlet together

Step 2: See If It Fits

If it doesn't fit that means you have to spend more money so try to put it together in the store to see if it works

Step 3: Paint It

It needs about six or seven coats

Step 4: To Be Continued

I'm still working on it to make it glow so stay tuned



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    4 years ago

    Wow, this is really cool! I want to make this myself, so I'm wondering, what's the name of the pieces that went around your wrist?


    Pretty cool, you should put the finished product as the cover photo. I was thinking you may want to replace the part of the pvc that's holding the "liquid" with clear acrylic tube and actually put an amber colored liquid inside it, which you could light up from underneath for an awesome effect.