Batman Cowl

Introduction: Batman Cowl

A year in the making now, through many prototypes along with trial and error attempts, I have finalized a design that I am most satisfied with.  Inspired by TDK and numerous comic adaptations along with the animated series, I developed a cowl that will eventually be made into a full over the head piece.  Still in it's rough stage, I have many tweaks and detail to add, such as muscle and texture to add to the dramatic affect found throughout most cowls.  I plan on attaching a fabric hood that will be glued to the inside of the helmet and fitted in such a way that it will seem as one piece.  Also, I am pondering wether or not to do the white eyes with white mesh, only because I am going for the comic book look.  Due to the fact that I have a relativly big head I was forced to construct my own form fitting cowl with skills aquired from my days as an architecture student in college.  It is made entirely out of thin cardboard found in most arts and craft stores and glued together with Tacky Glue.  I sealed the seams with ModPodge and constantly sand the sharp edges to a smooth round finish to give it an over all seamless look.  I will update soon with the final production stage as well as the completed look hopefully before Halloween.   

Update 01/28/2012:  I reconstructed a new cowl (see new pics) with enhanced features around the brow, a less pointier nose, and reversed the eye openings; ultimately aiming for a more streamlined look all together.  Right now I'm in the midst of testing different paint samples; indecisively toggling between a matte finish or semi gloss effect.  Hopefully my busy schedule will permit me the time to complete this long drawn out project before TDKR opens in theatres.



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    Hi there! It would be great to get your templates to be able to finish a project called "how do bats feels" . People would be able to wear a hat with arduino and sensors, and this cowl would fit perfectly. Please could you contact me at :

    Because I'd like to make this batman cowl but if u do have the templates make up u can email me them on

    That's of u have spear time

    Would u be able to create some templates up and email them to me if u have spear time

    Hi there just asking did u happen to have templates to make this batman cowl

    Oh, that's nice!

    Make sure you take plenty of photos of the process, then you can post a proper step-by-step Instructable!

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    very very cool did you make patterns to be able to rebuild this I would love a set if you did

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    Thank you. I have the pattern drawn out on velum, in which I plan to upload in the near future. That is if I can be satisfied with the design; I went through so many alterations and prototypes to get the look and feel of the cowl that I am most comfortable with. Thanx for looking!

    Very cool! It reminds me of the motorcycle helmet in the animated series in its overall shape, but with the facial features of the normal cowl. It will be neat to see how it turns out!

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