Batman Kite





Introduction: Batman Kite

About: Hmmm...I was just trying out the name to check the availability :( ahh well...they're cool guys! I'm a teacher/tinkerer/outdoor kinda guy. Bamboo is the most incredible renewable construction mate...

Built with the same methods as my 'WingKite' (see below)

Step 1: Frame

Cut and lay out bamboo frame

Step 2: Frame Assembly

Lash frame together with duct tape

Step 3: Attach 'Skin'

Lay on black plastic, cut off excess and duct tape edges to the frame

Step 4: Paint

No self-respecting 'Batman' would be worth his mask with a non-black kite! Krylon Black covers green bamboo and red duct tape perfectly!

Step 5: The Finished BatWing Kite

The kite weighs 13 lbs and has a 12 foot wingspan. Pray for wind! I want to 'fly'!!!



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    I mean. Great "looking" design..., just want to see it in action!

    If anyone made this plz tell us if it flys


    4 years ago

    Enter it in the contest

    wear roller skates and use this to wind skate around

    if i made this bigger and added a harness could i fly this thing with me on it?

    very cool i might make this myself i cant believe how good it is! :)

    That looks amazing - we have got to have pictures of it aloft!!

    Could you please post more pictures of the overside? I'd also LOVE to see it in the air!

    1 reply

    I'd love to see it 'in the air', too!

    Weather report for next 3 days:

    SW at 4 mph
    WSW at 3 mph
    WSW at 4 mph