Batman Lamp, 3D Printed




Introduction: Batman Lamp, 3D Printed

This Batman Lamp is an easy and affordable decorative lamp to make. The Batman Lamp can be put on book shelves, tables, etc. It's nifty, simple, and awesome, enjoy the batman lamp

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Step 1: Gather Materials

In order to make this specific Batman lamp I used a 3D printer to get a smooth and crisp looking batman logo. I used the internet to access certain websites in order to create some of the parts. The rest of the materials are simple materials that you would probably have at your house. Otherwise they can be found at Menards, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, etc.

1. 3D printer/ access to a 3D printer

2. access to internet

3. light bulb (preferably a LED 750 lumens light bulb)

4. light socket

5. outlet

6. screw driver

7. wire stripper

8. wire cutter

9. clear lamp cord (18/2)

Step 2: Printing the Logo

To start off building the batman lamp, you can start 3D printing the batman logo.

1. Google "Thingiverse", this is a site where its a ton of already made files to 3D print to make printing 100 times easier

2. Go to the search bar and type in batman logo, and choose the one you best like

3. Click on the one that you want to print then click "Thing Files"

4. Click to download the ".stl"

5. Once the file is downloaded you need to open "Simplify3D" which is the program which you will be printing the batman logo

6. Open "Simplify3D" and click on the "Import" icon

7. Click the file name you downloaded and click open

8. Prepare model to your settings and export .gcode

9. click "Prepare to Print" and save to SD card

10. then insert the SD card onto the printer and start the printing of the Batman logo

Step 3: Wiring the Lamp

After you have the setting up of the printing all finished you can start wiring your lamp

1. Get your clear lamp cord, light socket, wire stripper, wire cutter, outlet, and screwdriver

2. Take your wire and cut it down the middle about 2 inches, where there's a crease between the 2 wires

3. Take your wire strippers and place one cord on the 18 hole about an inch long and clamp the stripper together, bending it back and forth so that the outside of the cord comes off smoothly, this is also to ensure that you keep most of your wires. It's alright for some wires to come off but make sure you have most of them, then pull of the cord from the wires and repeat it to the other side.

4. After your wires are open twist them each individually you that they're tight together and no wires are sticking out anywhere

5. Bend each wire to the right and make a "U" shape

6. Take your screwdriver and outlet and unscrew the screw open up the outlet

7. Screw the 2 screws in the outlet and hook the "U" shape wire around the screw and screw the screws back in

8. Put the outlet back together, making sure all the cords are in the outlet and then screw the outlet back together

9. Get your light socket and unscrew the top half so that you will see as the picture shown above with the light socket

10. Unscrew the 2 screws and hook the "U" shaped wires around the screws as you did in step 7, and then screw the screws back in. Make sue that the wires are twisted and no wires are hanging outside of the screw

11. Put the top and bottom parts of the light socket back on

12. Screw in your light bulb and plug in your outlet to a socket and turn the light bulb on and it should work!

Step 4: Printing the Light Socket Holder and Base Stand

The way I made these things was that i designed them myself and made them from scratch and then had then printed out. The following step will be broad and simple and in order to understand it you will need to know how to work the program SolidWorks 2013 x64 Edition.

Making the Light Socket Holder

1. Open the program

2. Start off by drawing a circle

3. Add some thickness on the outsides of the circle and have the thickness come down to a square

4. By now you should have a beaker looking shape with a rounded top

5. Make it three dimensional

6. You're now finished with the Light Socket

7. Add another square so that you can glue the square and light socket together so it creates an "L"

8. Make it three dimensional

9. You're now finished with this part

Making the Base Stand

1. Start off by making a square about 4 inches by 4 inches and make it about an inch thick

2. Make a tall thin across but wide rectangle on top of the square about an inch thick, 7 inches high, and 2.5 inches wide

3. Curve the sides that connect the tall thin rectangle to the bottom base square so there is a curve as you start from the top of the tall wide rectangle and make your way down to the big base square

4. After these steps are finished save what you made and download the file to your computer so you can open it up in Simplify3D

5. Then open the files individually and print them separately.

Step 5: Connecting the Light Socket and Base Stand to the Batman Logo (Finishing Up)

Once you get to this step make sure the following is printer: batman logo, light socket holder, and base stand. If you have all these printed go through the following steps:

1. Get the batman logo and the light socket holder

2. Take the flat side of the "L" and hot glue it to the back of the base stand

3. Get a screwdriver and screw 2 holes on the "L" to sure that the light bulb will be supported

4. Hot glue the lamp cord to the base stand it ensure theres no pulling on the wire

5. Make sure everything is secured and safe

6. Screw in the light bulb

7. Plug in the outlet and turn light on and you're finished!

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    2 years ago

    That's an awesome simple build :)