Introduction: Batman

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 batman wall see for led!!  come on step by step.

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Step 1: Start for Required Material

Required material
2.poster colour
5.battery small(cell)
6.led small

Step 2: Cell and Battery

here do you see cell and led !!

Step 3: Box (drink)

get your box (drink).do you see photo?first top cut the box.

Step 4: Paper for Box Stick

get your paper (notebook or newspaper).and make you paper cut piece for paper.and that box stick glue (paper small piece). or one paper stick glue for box. and after done.

Step 5: White Poster Colour

after get white poster colour .and that for box paint.(10 or 15 minute).

Step 6: Batman Logo

your box make for batman logo draw . here- you make download and you make draw.and get you cutter and your draw is make cut here how to cut see photo.

Step 7: Black Poster Colour

get your black poster colour.and you make name for - BATMAN  you draw the name . after you make paint black colour.

Step 8: You See?

you see ? box is small cut .you make that because led that put in small same to see projector. :)and that small cut put the led on box.

Step 9: DONE !! Whoa.

done . the batman projector. :D whaooooooo .

please vote,follow. :)

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