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I am a huge fan of batman that’s why you see batman logo in my computer desk. After making that batman design in that desk I want to make another one related to batman, but this time something little interesting. For this project, I choose batman vs superman logo and use that logo to make wall clock and I named it batman vs superman wall clock. The final result is very pleasing. In my opinion if you are a fan of something than making a clock related to that thing is an easy project. You can make in many different ways. The thing you have to do is just make outfit of that shape paint it, insert clock mechanism and its done. It serves as a beautiful wall art too.

Step 1: Material Hardware and Tools Used

Material Used

1. MDF 12mm thick

2. Ply 6mm thick


4.wood primer

5.clock mechanism & hands

6.Two part epoxy & screw

Tools used


2.CNC router

3.Hand router

4.Needle Files

Step 2: CNC Machining

Screwing the cutting material in the CNC base is very important. My base is square with the machine that's why i measured from the base of that sacrificial board and keep the cutting material square with the machine as well.

For cutting of all parts I started with the bigger layer which is the batman logo. Thickness of this layer is 12mm and material is MDF. If you don’t have cnc it doesn’t mean that you can’t make this. You can use jigsaw and copping saw for this build but I have cnc and that’s why I took the advantage to make it look more professional and clean. Now for the main base which is the batman logo I don’t cut it thoroughly this is because of saving my time. I made 4mm down pass on cnc with 4mm O flute bit and the close the machining.

Then I cut the superman logo but only the outer portion not the inside one because I use this as the base of s letter and color this in different color which is yellow. Which is the inside area of the letter S. Thickness of this layer is 6mm and material is ply.

Then I cut the S letter. I cut it completely the inside area of the S letter with the help of CNC router but I cut only 4mm down the outer boundary of S letter.

To make it more fancy I cut out batman and superman individually with 2mm end mill. You can cut this with coping saw very easily. Because I cut it down with the CNC that’s why I need to clear the tabs and little bit of chip out in the ply.

To remove the cutout piece from the sheet I use wire cutter to cut out the tabs.

Step 3: Cutting With Jigsaw, Cleaning of Edges and Sanding

After unscrewing batman and superman logo which are partially cut its time to make a complete cut.For that i used jigsaw with metal cutting blade because it have small teeth and because of that i do less chipping. Then i carefully cut the outer boundaries of both logo. Due to cutting it with jigsaw the boundaries are irregular in shape therefore i use router with flush trim bit and use the machined cut as my guide and remove the excess with the router and getting a perfect finish sides.

But the inside portion of s logo and the small characters have some tabs around it therefor i used files to sand those tabs and make everything neat and clean.

Step 4: Paint Job

Painting is the makeup process of any build. It’s just like you are dress up someone. As the time spent and learning new paint techniques now every time when I do the paint job I enjoy it every time. For the paint, I used three color dark grey, red and yellow color But before start painting I apply one coat of wood primer and then do the paint job. In paint i get even finish in two coats. Although batman need to be in blue color but i go with red only.For the painting technique I use spray painting technique to get even layer on the clock. And then spray the clear coat in the end.

Step 5: Making It Single Piece

To make this a single unit i glued the superman logo base which is in yellow color with the superman logo which is in red color with the help of two part epoxy to make them a single unit. After drying it I placed it over batman logo and then by proper measuring insert two screws from back side of the logo.

Step 6: Machining at the Back for Clock Movement and Hardware Attachment for Hanging.

to install the clock mechanism i remove material from the back side of the clock equal to the dimension of clock movement.The depth i kept for this movement is 24 mm because the portion where hands need to be installed comes out from the front side of the clock which is the front face or dial. For mounting the clock on wall i build my on mounting bracket.I took a piece of l angle bracket and make it straight and then enlarge the second hole with step drill. The hole diameter should be more than the dia of screw head. After that mark two lines from bigger hole to the first one and remove the area between those lines by cutting it with dremel tool with a metal cutting bit.after removing some burs leftover from cutting its ready to screw at the back of the screw.Be careful while inserting screw in the clock.Finish the clock by connecting hands and battery with the movement, its ready to be mount on the wall along with those action figures.

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