Batman Wall Clock





Introduction: Batman Wall Clock

So over the last couple of weeks I have been making plans to decorate my godsons bedroom and he wanted a Batman themed room so thought I would start off easy and build him a Batman style wall clock.

Its actually pretty simple to make and relatively low cost, ended up costing about £4. Most of you will probably have everything you need just lying around, the only thing I actually needed to buy was a clock mechanism itself as wanted one with yellow hands.

Materials Required:
Paper version of your design
MDF or Plywood
Quartz Clock Mechanism
PVA & water (if using MDF)

Tools Required:
Hobby Knife
Pencil (optional)
Sticky Tape (optional)

Step 1: Choose Your Design

So I decided to make the clock the Batman logo shape so manage to find a decent image and enlarged it and printed it out on A3 paper

Then using some sticky tape I taped the design to a scrap piece of 6mm MDF I had lying around. A quick score around the edge of the design with the hobby knife left a nice impression on the MDF, which I then went over with a pencil so give me a good clean easy to see line to follow with the jigsaw.

Step 2: Cut Out the Design

Then using the jigsaw I carefully cut out the design. I had to using a coping saw in the end for the piece between the ears as my jigsaw blades were all a little large.

Once the design was cut out I went over all the edges with some sandpaper and ended up with nice smooth edges.

Step 3: Prep and Painting

The next step was to seal the edges of the MDF, so here I watered down a little PVA and brushed this carefully around the edges of the MDF. If any PVA got onto the front face of the design I wiped it off so I would not have to do any more sanding.

Once the PVA was dry I then put on a base coat of 'Plasti-kote Super Matt' black paint which I had left over from a previous project. Once dry I lightly sanded this coat with some wet and dry and added a couple of final coats and ended up with a really nice matt finish.

Step 4: Adding Quartz Mechanism

Once the paint was fully dried I then marked up where I wanted my clock hands to be, I managed to pick up a cheap clock mechanism from ebay fro £1.99 which came with yellow hands which was perfect for my clock, it already had a wall hanger built into the mechanism so didn't even need to worry about making something to hang the clock which was nice.

So once I drilled the hole for the hands (8mm in my case) was just very simple to add the clock mechanism, add the battery and hang it on the wall.

There you have it, a simple cheap wall Batman style clock, all for less than a fiver!



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I just build one, but the clock mechanism I got, have any hole or 'cat's eye' to be hanged up on a wall. Any ideas?

On one of the wings cut out a bat symbol, if there was an alarm, make a light to on. This is should be set up in a series.

very cool.. I might have to make one for myself...


3 years ago

this is awesome! I'm definitely going to do this one :) how long did it take?

1 reply

Not long at all, longest thing was waiting for the paint to dry. Probably an hour if you take the paint drying out of the equation

Before I make this for my brother, what are the dimensions of the one you made?

Cool clock...nice idea and nice work!

When working with MDF, use drywall patching compound to seal the MDF esp. the end grain. MDF end grain will soak up paint like a sponge.

This is a great idea! Just a thought if anyone uses plywood. Instead of using glue to seal it up, use the cheapest latex paint you can get at your local big box store. A couple of light coats, and it sands super smooth, ready to take any type of paint you want to put on it. Now I'm off to make a Batman clock!

Love it! The yellow clock hands were a great touch. I added this project build to my "to do" list. Thanks!

What time is it ? Its BAT time ! Same bat time, same bat place ! :D

love this! cant wait to make one for a friend who is a bat man nut! im a star wars nut, so maybe mine will be the imperial cog!! or rebel swan... choices choices..

Just made a sign for my girlfriend like this. Cut out the shape, and put some ovals on the back and wrapped LEDs around them. Turned out great, and looks like an awesome 3d sign.

(sorry for the crappy image. haven't managed to take a good one yet.)

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I'thought about mounting LEDs behind it but wanted to keep it simple with the AA battery. I do have LEDs though but saving them for the Batman bed which will I am currently building :)

This looks awesome! I am suddenly wondering why I don't own a jigsaw, or I would be making one too!

Searches for PVA bring up a number of chemicals and products. Can you advise please which type of PVA you used?

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I just used some PVA wood glue (had some EVO-Stick wood glue in the garage), but any PVA glue will be fine, it this really thick you will want to dilute it with a little water so its absorbed into the thirsty MDF edges. Hope that helps.

Love it! That's some really nice work with the jigsaw. Nice smooth arcs. Good job.