Batman's the Dark Knight Presents "The Joker"

Introduction: Batman's the Dark Knight Presents "The Joker"

Here I have an almost completely homemade costume of the joker. I bought most of my items from Goodwill or the thrift shop and put together the costume piece by piece in a matter of the last 2 months. I dyed the trench coat and suit pants purple in dye i had bought from WalMart. had the vest painted leaf green by adding a watery mixture to an acrylic paint so the paint would become more flexible and take to the leather more easily. The shirt is not the exact shirt because i was on a budget so I settled for a very cheap dark patterned shirt from Goodwill and the tie I had already so it went together really well with the rest of the costume. The shoes I obtained at goodwill almost identical to the ones heath ledger had worn in the movie. As for the makeup, gloves, and the wig I had to order those online because, in my opinion are the most important pieces, I wanted these to be as close as possible. 

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