Batmobile Concept

Introduction: Batmobile Concept

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This is my best lego vehicle I have ever made, the Batmobile! This started with a ton of black pieces and some ideas, but about half way through I noticed it looked like the batmobile. I decided to make it look like the vehicle after that. I didn't  use a instruction map or a reference picture just kinda went along with what I thought it looked like.This vehicle also has a top opening door shown in the pictures, the black top swings open and the glass canopy opens upward. If you would like me to make a guide for it, comment about it. I will make the guide when I have time. If you are really wanting to build this please know that I used a LOT of special pieces, but otherwise please enjoy these pictures I have of it! (I don't have a lego figure batman.....) =)

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    Thanks! I still have this sitting around as a shelf topper.