Battery Clips

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Sometimes you need a way to hold wires onto a battery. You do not have a spare battery holder, and using electrical tape is messy. (If you know where it is, I often misplace mine.)

These simple reusable battery clips are easy to make.

The circuit I used to demonstrate the battery clips is from this instructable, by 1up:

And I learned a lot from his instructable about better photography:

Step 1: Materials

All you need is an empty aluminium can. (If you don't have one just take a break and drink a beer.)

A pair of scissors (Don't use your wife's good sewing shears, she will kill you.)

Some fine sandpaper (Aluminium cans have a thin protective non-conductive coating on them.)

Rubber Bands to attach clips to battery.

And some small jumper cables to attach the battery to your circuit.

Step 2: Cut the Pieces

Cut a 1 5/8" wide by approximately 3" piece out of the can and sand the centre of the piece.

The extra length of the strip is to give you something to hold onto while you sand.

Cut two 1/4" wide strips out of the sanded center of the larger piece.

Step 3: Bend the Tabs and Attach to the Battery

Bend the tabs as shown in the first photo.

And attach them to your battery, hold them in place with the rubber bands.



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