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This is a really quick instructable.

I was asked to design a battery dispenser for a colleagues van. He uses an array of standard batteries. I took a look around and there are quite a number of impressive designs floating about.

I decided to make my own attempt and this is it.

It is a FIFO (First in, First out) design, it will take:

  • 10 x D-Cell
  • 10 x C-Cell
  • 15 x AA-Cell
  • 15 x AAA-Cell
  • 7 x 9V

I drew it in Fusion 360 and have included the step file (if you need .stl for printing, there are tonnes of free converters online)

Just to walk through a couple of the features: there is exactly the height for the number of batteries in the stack, therefore when full the top of all batteries will be flush with the top of the unit.

For round batteries, I included a small catch lip to stop them from rolling straight out and discharging the stack.

There is a semi-circular access to grip the bottom battery for removal, the next battery will fall into place.

There is a .25mm relief letter indicator to show the type of battery being dispensed at each point.

I have not included a mounting as this is still to be decided.

Lastly, I will hopefully be sending this to my local printing hub soon and once done I will load up some pictures.

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