Battery Holder From Cable Channel

Introduction: Battery Holder From Cable Channel

A few days ago i bought some battery holder from a radio shack.
I glued them to my device, soldered the Pins.
After very short time i realized the poor quality of the holders.
The batteries pop out easily and on one the spring had only unstable contact to soldering lug.

So i decided to make my own holders in future.
I looked on Instructables and found a good one made from PVC pipes.
But they have the big drawback that they are round and so not easy to use.

So i went to a near DIY store to get some inspiration and found some cable channels.
And here it is!
The battery holder made from cable channel.
It can hold AA and AAA batteries (of course you have to decide on design time).

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Step 1: Preperations

Following things you need:
- 15x15 mm PVC cable channel (cost for 2m: 1EUR)
- some things to made the contacts from (see images for example)
- glue
- some batteries

Following Tools you need:
- saw or a bigger knife
- lighter
- scissor or a cutter knife
- pliers

Step 2: Prepare the Channel

First thing to do is to cut a piece from the 2m channel (use a small saw or strong knife).
To determine the right length take the length the batteries will require and add at least 35mm.
(15 mm on the positive pole side, and 20mm on the negative pole side).

If your holder will be made for AA batteries the channel is a bit tight, so you have to use the lighter and a pipe something of equal diameter like batteries (may be batteries itself) to put in the channel and expand it by using the lighter to heat the PVC (if using batteries, make sure not to heat them!)
Only short heating is required.
The top of the channel will not fit onto the channel but you do not need it as the batteries are fixed enough.

Few tips for the flamethrower parts in this instructable:
- don't put the plastic in the flame - it will melt and incinerate quickly
- don't put the plastic above the flame - it will get black due to grime
- hold the plastic near the side of the flame.(sorry no photo because i have only two hands)
- IMPORTANT: keep your hair away from the flame!

Step 3: Bend It

First we add the positive contact.
But before we mark where the batteries will take place.
after that we slice the edges to the markings. Use a scissor or the cutter knife.

Then bend the bottom to 90deg up and use the lighter to heat heat the kink.
After that do same with both sides and bend 90deg to the middle. Cut of the sides so they don't overlap and leave a bit space.

Step 4: The First Contact

Now we really add the first contact.
Heat a little screwdriver (don't use your best) or some thing to push a hole in the new end and insert the plus pole connector. Make the hole small enough that the screw does not slip out.
You also may put a bit of super glue on the back of the screw so its glued to the plastic.
Unless me may be you have a nut to the screw - so use it ;)

Step 5: The Minus Pole

Now we form the negative contact clip.

First cut the channel on the edges like before. But do not cut to the marking.. stop a few millimeter before it.
then bend the bottom up and heat the kink with the lighter and bend it further more to the middle (more than 90 deg.)

Bend it again in the middle (again with help of the lighter) so it looks like on the picture.

Now bend the little metal sheet so it best fits the bended bottom. remember you need something on the backside where you can solder a cable!.

After it fits with not too much play put some glue on it and place it on the holder.

The overlapping sides can be removed with cutter knife.


I hope it can be usefull to some of you.

Step 6: Addendum for AAA Version

If using AAA batteries the are a bit loose. But the top and the tension between the pole connectors prevent them from falling out of the holder.

If its although it bothers you you may fill up the channel a.bit.

Cut out two small stripes (eg from unused top from AA version) and glue it on the inner sides below the notches of your battery holder.

Now the cells do not have any play.

Now Really end ;)

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    4 Discussions

    Dr. dB
    Dr. dB

    10 years ago on Introduction

    A clever and useful project but, where and how does one attach the cat?


    10 years ago on Step 1

    Man, I have just thrown the left over channel away...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    good work! :d I use cable channel to build various small cases and boxes for my works...