Battery Holder

Introduction: Battery Holder

In this instructable, you can see a battery holder, for two AA batteries, that I've made.

Three years ago, I made a portable, hand-held, electromagnet (pictures above), but I didn't make a battery holder that time. So, I did it now! The batteries are in series connected.

Step 1: A Piece of Carton Paper

First, I took a small piece of thin carton paper.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

Then, I measured and cut in the desirable dimensions.

Step 3: Bending the Edges

I bent the upper and lower edges of the carton paper in 90 degrees angle, for the contacts to glue on.

Step 4: Making Holes for the Wires

I made two holes for the wires using my Swiss Army knife.

Step 5: Making It Hard

I applied instant glue on the paper, to make it hard. [(It didn't really work! So, I added a piece of thin metal strip (pic. 3) to make it more rigid)].

Step 6: Cutting the Contacts

A piece of copper from an old extension socket, was used to make the new contacts. I cut a notch with a Dremel tool, on the two contacts of the upper part of the battery holder, for the wires.

Step 7: Gluing the Contacts

Finally, I glued the contacts on the piece of paper. You can see that I made some changes in shape of the holder, in order to make it fit inside the electromagnet.

Step 8: Testing

Now, you can see the electromagnet in action!

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