Battery Motor Masco G41

Introduction: Battery Motor Masco G41

Materials List:

  • 1 D Battery
  • 1 Magnet
  • 1 Rubber Band
  • Some Sandpaper
  • Roughly 24 inches of 26 gage magnet wire
  • 2 Paper Clips

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

Step 2: Unfold Both Paper Clips to Look Like the Example Below.

Step 3: Get Your 26 Gauge Magnet Wire and Find the Middle. Put the Middle of the Wire on the Side of the Battery and Wrap Both Sides Around Tightly, Make Sure You Leave One Inch Tails on Both Sides.

Step 4: Wrap the Two Tails Around the Coil Itself in Order to Keep the Coil Together.

Step 5: Use the Sandpaper to Scrape the Red Enamel Away From the Wire. Do This to Both Tails.

Step 6: Take Your D Battery and Wrap Your Elastic Around the Positive and Negative Ends Two Times.

Step 7: Place One Unfolded Paper Clip Under the Rubber Band on the Positive Side, Then Do the Same for the Negative Side.

Step 8: Balance Your Coil Evenly on Top of the Paperclips.

Step 9: Put the Magnet Under the Coil on Top of the Battery.

Step 10: Spin the Coil and Have Fun!

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