Battery Power Conversion for Video Doorbell.



Introduction: Battery Power Conversion for Video Doorbell.

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In a local ad I found a free video doorbell with monitor.
The nerd in me did not hesitate for a moment and I picked it up.

Not having an ac outlet nearby the door I decided to try and make my video doorbell battery powered.

This turned out to be even simpler than imagined.

Here I will explain in a few simple steps how I achieved this.

Please excuse my English, it is not my native language.

Thanks for reading!

Step 1: What Power Does It Need ?

First of all I looked at the AC adapter output and it shows 9V DC.

This is great as this means I could use a little 9V brick battery.

Step 2: Disassembly and Locating the Power Input.

Disassembly is easy as there was only 1 screw.

Next I looked where i could solder the battery in place on the board.

And there is just enough room for it!

Like it somehow was meant to be.

Step 3: Soldering.

This requires a little soldering.
I soldered a 9V battery clip from my parts bin onto the board where the AC adapter plugs in.

Find the ground and power with a multimeter if you can, if it doesn't work you should know to flip the wires around and try again.

Step 4: First Test.

Power LED and IR Leds for the night vision seem to be working, succes !

Step 5: Optional: Adding a Power Switch.

To save the little battery when not needed I soldered a switch between the power line.

Drilled a hole in the back side of the case and hot glued everything in place.

The battery is held on to the back with double-side sticky tabs.

Step 6: Reassembly and Final Test!

We are done! And with succes!

Now you can mount your doorbell camera anywhere you would like!

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