Battery Powered Dremel & Electric Screwdriver!(Portable)From Home Supplies!




Introduction: Battery Powered Dremel & Electric Screwdriver!(Portable)From Home Supplies!

About: I am a 15 y/o kid who loves to work with electronics,Opening all Old Things at my home,Making portable speakers. JAI GURU JI

In This Instructable, I'll Show you how To Make a Portable Dremel & Screwdriver!

I am Myself a Electronic hobbyist, After Completing Any Project We Often Give It a Finishing Touch By Enclosing it Inside a case! But Often The Case Doesn't Have Specific Cut Outs Or Holes To Place The components! So We Have To Make the Cut outs By Ourselves. This Can Be Really Difficult Unless We Have Specific Tools To Make The Cut Outs.These Tools Can Be Quite Expensive.
But Why Should We Spend Our Money on these tools when We can Make them?
So Lets Get Started & Make One On Our Own!

Step 1: Why Make This Handtool?

Now, You May Think Why Should I make Make This Handtool!
Well There Are a Plenty Of Reasons Which Would Encourage You to Make it!
Aren't You Tired Of Using A Simple screwdriver?
Isn't It tiring?

*It Is Powered By a 12v Rechargeable battery Pack!
*Portable, can be Used Anywhere
*Easy To Use!
*The Dremel Is Good Enough to Cut Through Plastic Cases Easily & Thin Wood!
*The Electric ScrewDriver Works Like a charm!
*A Great Tool For Your Workshop!

Step 2: List of Materials!

So For Making This Awesome Handtool You require Many Things & A few Basic Tools!
(Believe Me You Will Have Most Of The Things Laying In your workshop)

* 12v Dc Motor!(

* 32 In 1 Screwdriver Kit(

* 3 18650 Battery's!

*A ScrewConnecter!

* 1 Pepsi Or Any Other Cap Salvaged From A Pepsi Bottle!

* A Good Enclosure!

* A DPDT switch! (Having 6 Pins!)

* A Momentary Switch!


*Soldering Iron With Soldering Paste & Soldering Wire!
*Glue Gun!

Step 3: Assembling the Battery Pack!

Now In This Step You Will Need Your 3 18650 Batteries!
I will Provide a schematic For The Battery Order But Still I will Guide You through it!
Now Each cell Contains A Charge of 4.2 When Fully Charged & 3.7 when Low On Charge!
So If We Solder The Batteries In Series The Voltage Will Multiply hence Giving Us -
4.2 x 3= 12.8v( When Charged)
3.7 x 3= 11.1v(When Low On Charge!)

Remember To Add a Female DC jack Connected Directly To The Battery Pack!
This Battery Pack Cannot Be charged by a 12v Charger, It Needs a special Kind Of Charger!

Step 4: Placing the Battery Pack in the Case and Extra Safety Feature!

Now You Might Have Noticed The Unusual Shape Of The Battery Pack!
That Is because Of the Need Of My Case!(I Used A Spectacles Case)
I Added Hot Glue Between The Cells So That They Are All together!

In Order To make This Handtool Strong & Durable We Need To Fix The Battery Pack Inside The Case.
With The Help Of The Hot Glue Gun I Fixed The Battery Pack inside the Case!

Step 5: Mounting the Switches!

Now we Need To Mount The Momentary Switch And The DPDT Switch On The Case!
I Don't Have a drill So I Used My Hobby Knife And Made 2 Small holes On the Case.
I Inserted The DPDT Switch Directly through One Hole And Tightened it With The Nut I Got With It!(Since it is a Rocker Switch)
Now I Passed The Wires Of The Momentary Switch through the second hole & Used My Hot Glue Gun To Mount It on The Case.

Step 6: Mounting the Motor!

Now We need To Mount The Motor Inside the case Such That The Shaft Of The 12v Motor Sticks out of the case.
So I Used My HackSaw to Make a cutout In the Case To Place The Motor.
After Making A Good Hole For the Motor In the case I Applied some hot glue under the motor And Fixed It Onto the case.!

Step 7: Soldering Everthing!

In The Previous Few Steps, I Guided You In Mounting All the Parts Onto The Case.
So, its Time To Solder everything!
I will Be Providing A full Schematic in this Step, Which Would Help You To Solder everything!
But For Better Understanding i will Guide You Through the schematic!
Now The Positive Of The battery goes Through The Momentary switch. So the motor will work When We Press The Momentary switch!.
The DPDT Switch Is Used To Make the Motor Rotate In a Particular Direction.

After Soldering The Main Bone Of This HandTool is Ready.
We Now Need to Think How To Mount The Dremel Blade & Screw Holder.

Step 8: Hacking the Screw Connecter!

Now If You Look closely, You Will See a Golden Metal Part inside it.
That Will Act As The Bit Holder.
To Get It Out of The Screw Connecter Just Cut off The Plastic Over it.
It Is Super Easy, I Just Used a Pair of Scissors To Cut The Plastic Over The Golden Part And Got it Out Using Tweezers!

Step 9: Fixing the Screw Connecter on the Motor Shaft.

So In the previous step i told you how to take Out The Screw Connecter Of That Plastic.
In This Step I Will Tell You How To Fix One Side of The Screw Connecter Permanently On The Motor Shaft.
So that Other Side can Be Used As a Bit Holder. The Bit Can Be tightened By the Screw On The Screw Connecter.

Now If You See The Screw Connecter It has 2 Screws In it.
Remove 1 Screw From It, While Tighten The Other Screw.
Now Fill The Side Of The Screw connecter (from which you removed the screw) With Solder wire.
After Doing That Bring The Shaft Of The Motor Near The Side Which You Filled With Solder.
Heat Up The Solder With Help Of a Lighter Or a jet stove. And Insert The motor Shaft Into It.

But why should We Do This?
As We Heat The Solder With The Help Of a Jet stove Or lighter, the Solder inside the Screw Connecter melts.
and after it Melts we insert the motor Shaft into it. When We Stop heating the solder with our jet stove or lighter the Solder Dries up inside the ScrewConnecter, And The Motor Shaft is Fixed Onto It Permanently.

Any other Method ?
, You Can Insert The Motor Shaft Directly Inside The Screw Connecter And Tighten It With The Screw!

Step 10: Making the Dremel Bit!

In this Step i will show You how make a blade and attach it on the motor as a bit which can be interchanged.

Grab Your Metal Cap(Pepsi or Any Other kind)
Hammer It Down & Make It Flat As Much As You can.
Now With The Help of scissors Cut Out The Corners Of The cap In the Shape Of a blade.

Now The Blade Is Ready, What Left is Attaching It On The Motor.
Make a Small Hole In the Middle of the blade.
Use Your Drill Or Hammer a nail into it.

Now You Will Need a Screw With Its Nut!

Now Pass The Screw Through the Hole We made on the blade and with help of its tighten it as much as you can.
You Don't want these blades to fly away while working!
Now The Blade And The Dremel Bit is Ready. You Can Make various Blades with this method.!
You Can Simply Insert the Bit Inside The Screw Connecter And Tighten it with the screw on the screw connecter.!
Our Portable Dremel Is ready!
Now What Left Is The Electric Screwdriver!

Step 11: Making the ScrewDriver Bit!

Now In this Step I will Show You How You Can Attach Various Screwdriver On this motor And Use Them as a electric Screwdriver!

Now In This Step You will Need Your 32 in 1 Screwdriver kit,
When You Open the Kit You will Find Various Screw Driver Bits and A Screw driver bit holder.!
Grab the Screwdriver Bit Holder !
Now On The Screwdriver Bit Holder You Will See a Black Bit Holder On the Top!
Take It Out with some Muscular Force!
Now When You Pull It Off The Grip a magnet is most likely to Come Out.
Put the Magnet back In the black Screwbit Holder.!
Now Insert A Thin Screw Inside the Part which Has The Magnet!
Fill Solder Around The Screw To Make It Durable & Strong.
Now I Even Secured it More By Adding Hot Glue Around It!

Now You Can Insert The Thin screw On the Bit Holder on Or Motor!
Tighten The Screw On the Bit Holder on the motor And Voila Our Electric Screwdriver is ready!!!
Now You Can add several Screw driver bits on the screwdriver bit & Use It!
Believe Me It Works Like a Charm!

Step 12: We Are Done!

I Hope Each One Of you Enjoyed The Instructable!
If You liked The Instructable Please Vote For Me in The Contest!
Any Improvements & Tips Are Appreciated!
I am Sorry for The Picture Quality As my Parents Do Not Support Me in Doing This Work!
Because I am 15! But I Love Making These Kinds Of Things!
So I Spend My Savings on Making Everything!
But I will Definitely Try to Improve my Future Instructables!
Thanks For Reading!
Votes Are Appreciated!

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    14 Discussions


    4 years ago

    didn't MR.Gear on YouTube already make this?


    Reply 4 years ago

    And He Used a ink refill Whereas i am using a screw connecter.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I didn't Really Know About MrGear.
    I just checked his channel Out and it is great!
    But His Dremel Wont be able to cut through things which my dremel can.
    My dremel is powered by rechargeable batterys. (18650x3=12v)
    Did you Forget about the DPDT Switch?
    The blade can spin either Direction(Clockwise & anticlockwise both.)
    It Even has a electric screwdriver attachment which works like a charm.


    4 years ago

    Well, You are saying this Because you got Your Fingers chopped off right?

    I guess NO.

    If this can chop your fingers off then Why won't the ready made Dremels chop your hand off?


    4 years ago

    Dude is really a working one can u send your project video plz replying to me


    Reply 4 years ago

    How can i send it to you?
    Believe me it works like a charm.


    4 years ago

    oh I just re-read... powered by 12v rechargeable.


    Reply 4 years ago

    You Got that Right There.
    Thanks a lot For reading!


    4 years ago

    in the intro it talks about 12v rechargeable.. how fo recharge your creation. Do you remove the batteries?


    4 years ago

    cool. I was waiting for the recharging circuit to stop the batteries over and under charging... or did I miss the recharge section... I did scan through a couple of times.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I got The idea of making this kind of battery pack from ASCAS.!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I Am Using a Balance Charger.


    Reply 4 years ago

    You need a special charger to charge these batteries. they cannot be charged by a 12v source

    Vinayak Tyagi
    Vinayak Tyagi

    4 years ago

    Nice project..I will make myself one soon :-)