Battery and Power for Linkit One

Power is an very crucial aspect of a microcontroller when its expected to be connected 24 hrs to the Internet of Things.

The board it self comes with a battery. But in this instructable I'm gonna discuss the power requirements, ways to power the board, and talk about power options.

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Step 1: Power Specifications of Linkit One

Power requirements: 5V 1A

1. Battery Voltage: 3.7~4.2V

2. DC Current Per I/O Pin: 0.3~3mA

3. Digital IO Pins output: 3.3V

4. Analog Input Pins output: 0-5V

5. PWM Output Pins: 3.3V

Step 2: Power Options

There are 2 ways to power this board:

1. Connect the board to the USB port

2. Connect to the power jack

Step 3: USB

You can use the USB port of your computer to power the Linkit One.

This serves 3 purposes

1. The board gets its required power of operation.
2. The USB also acts as a serial monitor.
3. You can upload your code simultaneously

Secondly you can also use a micro USB charger, that meets the ppower specification of the board and directly plug it to the board.

Step 4: Battery

You can also use the battery provided by mediaTek to power the board.

The battery specifications are:

1. Lithium-ion rechargable
2. Capacity mAh
3. 3.7V

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