Battery Operated Air Purifier

Introduction: Battery Operated Air Purifier

The Battery operated air purifier is simply to freshen up small rooms that lack air conditioning . Although this is about one cubic foot and weighs about three to 4 pounds.Testing to see how well it works was with a grove dust sensor and the air purifier halved the concentration of particles in the air . The testing was done in a closed environment and data that came as result of outside influence is exempt.The air flow comes out the the four sides of the pink lamp shade and still maintains a consistent air flow. Examples of uses is tents,shed, and etc.You will be protecting your nose from a siege of allergens and bad odors in a crowded tent while you try to go to sleep.


Tan lamp shade rectangular

Pink lamp shade circular

8"x8"x1" merv filter 8 pleated

16# felt pads

Electrical tape

2# Rubber o rings

Duct tape

Electrical motor and fan blade from o2 cool

Leadless solder

Artist palette plastic

mini rocker switch

6# c batteries and the battery holder

Insulated wires

Clothes hanger

Carbon filter


Soldering iron


Tin snips



Respirator mask


Wire cutters

Philips head screw driver

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Step 1:

I took the motor and fan blade from the o2 cool simply because shipping seemed expensive ans long since of Christmas season.

Step 2:

No the wires weren't already like that from o2 fan you have to solder the wires on the motor

Step 3:

Take the old tan lamp shade and place the the motor in it and it should be a tight fit but don't glue it yet

Step 4:

i put on some electrical tape hoping that motor wouldn't slide out

Step 5:

i simply put on a two rubber o ring on bottom

Step 6:

and put on the old fan blade on the motor

Step 7:

And at the larger end simply pressed the merv filter and taped it with metallic tape making sure that no air could escape.

Step 8:

then put on the carbon filter measure it out and make sure it is a little bit smaller than the merv filter

Step 9:

Then tape it as long as the tape seals it excellently it doesn't matter what is used although obviously avoid hazardous

Step 10:

Then put 4 felt pads on top of each other at each corner.

Step 11:

make sure it isn't off balance

Step 12:

Then double check and seal off it once more with tape

Step 13:

simply cut a hanger with tin snips bend the opposite it other way of the hook and put it through middle hole of the battery holder

Step 14:

Although yo want to get the the batter holder really close to the top

Step 15:

put on the circular shade on the tan lamp shade and then attach the pack as shown in the picture although i did put some electrical tape at the top of the battery holder

Step 16:

make sure the battery holder doesn't show

Step 17:

keep the wires nice and easy to take off

Step 18:

one wire hooks up to just the battery holder while the other fan blade to the mini rocker switch and another wire mini rocker switch to battery holder . Turn it on and experiment till the air is being sucked in from the bottom

Step 19:

the trace the circle on to the plastic artist palette and spare the hole

Step 20:

cut the circle i used tin snips it was sort of like butter

Step 21:

now tidy up the insulate wires and cut to the length that is nice and short but sticks out one inches above the top of the tan lamp shade.

Step 22:

the poke two insulated wires through the hole in the palette.

Step 23:

then secure each wire to the rocker switch as shown in the picture

Step 24:

add a little slit for the hanger and start taping the plastic palette down

Step 25:

it important that you tape around the rocker switch, tape the hanger and it does necessarily mean that taping the plastic palette needs to be air tight fit.

Step 26:

your finished product varies in size since a 12"x12"x1" filter would require larger lamp shades but its basically still the same formula but a change in materials

mine looks likes like this

Step 27:

This the system I used but to start out put the sensor and the laptop in a container the sensor would measure every 30 sec or so and it would show up on the serial monitor. this was largest clear plastic container I had and I also needed to check in on the laptop since the battery is bad and it mainly relies on the electrical outlet. So it has about 5 to ten minutes or so .


43993 is the lowpulseoccupancy

0.15 ratio

76.8 concentration

sensor can detect as low as 1 nanometer in particulate size

Step 28:

sealed in the container i did interrupt it once just a little nervous

Step 29:

lifted the lid and quickly took a picture after enough time had past

Step 30:

here is a close up of data

Without air purifier

43993,0.15,76.8 starting exempt



Exempt checked in


37570, 0.13, 65.65 exempt ended

Step 31:

now this with the air purifier

Step 32:

Air purifier on

0,0.00,0.62 starting exempt


Exempted checked in


47923,0.16, 83.59



0,0.00,0.62 exempt ended

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