Battery Operated Vase Light




Introduction: Battery Operated Vase Light

I wanted to use vase lights for my wedding.  But I didn't want to pay between $12-$15 a piece for them .  So after looking around my house I found a set of push lights and converted them for my purpose. These push lights are sold 3 for $15.  In altering these push lights, I take no responsibility for damages that may happen from you altering this product.

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Step 1:

This is the product I wanted to make and the push light I started out with.  This is an older version of light I had in a closet.  It does not have an on/off switch on the side. The push lights that I found in the store now will come with a switch.  That switch will be useful later.

Step 2:

Pull off the base and unscrew the top from the bottom.

Step 3:

Take off the little black ring on either side.  There will be two tabs on each side of the light holding the top plastic cover on.  Use a set of pliers to break the tabs off one side (be careful not to disturb any of the wires connected to battery).  This releases the top plastic cover that you can now discard. 

Step 4:

Put everything back together the way that you took it apart.  You should now have a push light with no top cover.  If you have a light like me with no switch you will need to keep the button, or something small to put in the holes, to turn it on and off.  I you have the switch on the side you are golden.

Step 5: Finished!

So this is the finished product and I hope you like it.  I have added a little bit of double sided tape on the under side of the vase just for safety sake.  If you wondering what the green stuff inside is, it is green floral wire from the dollar store.

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    It would be really cool if you can get the lights to slowly rotate. I like the overall look.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very pretty!
    I think It's just what I need to add a nice touch to the home :)