Battery Powered Usb Charger (iOS Devices Not Capible)




this with charge a usb Except iOS devices by a 9v battery

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Step 1: Parts Required

Materials required:
     9v battery
     9v clip
     Female Usb port
     5v regulator

Step 2: Clip to Diode

Solder the 9v clip positive wire to the diode

Step 3: Diode to Switch

Solder the diode to the switch

Step 4: The 5v Regulator

solder the other end of the switch to the first wire of the 5v regulator and solder the middle wire of the 5v regulator to the negative end of the 9v clip.

Step 5: The Usb Port

connect the positive end of the usb port to the 5 volts (third wire of the regulator) and the negative end to the negative end to the battery.

Step 6: Finish

Put it into a mini Altoids tin and cut holes for the switch and Usb port

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    for ios devices add a resistor between the information cables (the two in the middle)