Quick and Easy, Temporary, Liquor Bottle Accent Lighting

Introduction: Quick and Easy, Temporary, Liquor Bottle Accent Lighting

Led bottle accent lighting, great for parties, bonfires at the beach, home and more.

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

Items needed:

1 led
1 cr 20 32
Electrical tape
Water beads / crystals
Food coloring

Step 2: Preparing the Bottle

Find a bottle or container you like. I chose a cool looking essential 1800 tequila bottle. It is much easier to prepare the water bead crystals inside the final container. For this instructable and for clearer viewing I prepared them in an external container... you don't have to do that. Once the crystals have absorbed the water and fully expanded, which can take uo to 24 hours, add a little food coloring that compliments to the led color you choose. I chose red for both food coloring and the led.

Step 3: Preparing the Led

Simply slide the battery between the + - legs of the led. Once it lights up and your sure all is working, use the electrical tape to wrap the battery completely. You don't need a resistor to limit current for the led because of the cell batteries high internal resistance. The illumination can last for days before a battery change is required.

Step 4: Done!

Drop the led inside the bottle, shake it up, and enjoy.

Here are some pictures of the finished result.

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