Battery Powered Speakers, With Usb Chargers

Introduction: Battery Powered Speakers, With Usb Chargers

This is my first instructable, so bear with me on this. I wanted to build a speaker system that I would be able to take with me to work. Along with allowing the option of charging usb devices (phone, or media players). So with all the stuff I brought to work everyday to take along with me in the truck. It was beginning to be a big hassle, so I decide it was time to bring all the components into one to easy to carry, somewhat lightweight box.

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Step 1: Items You'll Need.

So here's the list:
Cheap set of usb powered speakers
Some wire, I used a RJ45 LAN network wire, and the excess from cutting the speaker wire down.
Portable backup battery supply, mine is a 16,000mAH, with 5 usb ports.
Thin cover material, such as a bottom of a dresser drawer.
And a case, I used a case from a cheap dremel tool, I had got for free.

Step 2: Tools You'll Need

Soldering Iron
Drill with bits
Needle nose pliers
Pocket knife
some glue

Step 3: Disassemble Time

Start by taking apart your speakers, take your time and remember not to pull on any wires that might easily come off the circuit board.
Take a sheet of paper and write down the location of where the connections are on the circuit board. And just to make sure and for double checking purposes, take a few pictures of the circuit board.

Secondly, take apart any portion not needed from the inside of the case, as you can see I chose to keep the thin layer of foam in the top of the case, where I installed the speakers.

Third, I took my board, cut it to the measurements of the case. For the top side, I then located the spots equally where I wanted the speakers to go, leaving enough room in between them for the circuit board to be mounted. I then cut the holes out, and drill the hole for the power led in the center. The power led is just for the speakers.

Alright for the bottom section, this is where I will be mounting the battery, usb ports, controls, along with the volume control. So I placed the volume knob, on the left side. I had removed it from the circuit board and added some wires to extend it to the lower portion, this is where the RJ45 wire comes in. The RJ45 cable has 8 wires running through it, and the volume control has six connections and I didn't have any other cables laying around with 6 wires. So I improvised a little. I then measure and cut the cable to the length needed to run the control to the location that I chose, and soldered connection in the order in which I took the control off the circuit board.

Onto the battery pack. First I dissembled it checked out how the components on the inside were working. Basics of the battery pack is that at one end, I have the 5 usb ports and charging port, and the other end is the control side which has the On/Off switch, the battery level leds, the power led, and a led flash light with a switch for that. and I wanted to keep the original setup. So, after examining it. I decided to just cut off the ends and attach them to the board, and remotely mount the battery in a more suitable area.

Step 4: The Not Quite Finished Product

I'm still waiting to go get paint for the wood, to clean it up a bit.

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