Battle Axe Made Out of PAPER!

Introduction: Battle Axe Made Out of PAPER!

This Instructable will teach you how to make a paper battle axe!  This battle axe is not weak and is very sturdy.  It will actually hurt somebody if you whack them with it.  Warning, don't whack anyone or anything with this battle axe as it may result in injury!  Have fun!!!

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Step 1: Materials

What you need:
- a lot of scrap paper (could be newspaper but it is prefered if it isn't)
- loads of tape

That is All!

Step 2: Roll Paper

The first step is to roll paper.  Have a piece of tape ready at hand to tape the roll.  When rolling, make sure roll tightly because this will increase the durability of the battle axe.  The tighter, the stronger.  Also the more paper you have in your pile that you are rolling will also increase the durability of the battle axe.  (About 50-75 pieces thick is a good start)  You will need 2 rolls for this battle axe.

Step 3: Tapeage

Tape the 2 rolls together. (As shown in the picture below)  Reinforce a lot of tape around the area were the 2 rolls meet.  Make sure the tape is applied tightly as this will increase the durability of the battle axe.  Tape all sides of the 2 roles also to increase the durability.  This will also decrease the chance of the 2 rolls coming apart.  Overlap tape to add to strength.  See pictures below for more information on how to tape the roles together.

Step 4: Adding the Flat Hammer End...

fold about 20-30 sheets of scrap paper into about a 7-10cm rectangle.  Then, tape all the ends to make them stay together. 

See picture....

Step 5: Attaching the Hammer....

After the hammer is made  attach it to the 2 role that were taped together previously.  Put the hammer part down flat on the table then line up one end of the 2 rolls to the middle of the hammer.  Then tape all around the edge until the hammer part is firm and sturdy, taped to the 2 rolls.

Step 6:

Take some more scrap paper (About 50-75 sheets)  and roll them starting at the bottom right hand corner.  Rolling the paper like this should form a shape identical to an ice cream cone.  A point at one end and a open cone at the other end.  (The place where you put the ice cream).  Tape the rolled paper at the bottom, middle, and top.  (see picture).

See pictures on how to roll and tape.....

Step 7: Apply the Spear End

This is the final application to the battle axe.  Take the cone end (end that you put ice cream in) and stick it over the opposite side of the 2 rolls as the hammer.  Take the tape and wrap it tightly around wear the cone and 2 rolls meet.  Make sure it is tight as this will increase the durability.

See picture for details.......

Step 8: DECORATE!!

DECORATE!! Now that your finished and everything is securely fastened you can decorate you battle axe in any way you like.  Spray paint, paint, tape, coloured pencil, maker, etc....... are all good things to decorate with.  As you can see in my photo I used black electric tape to decorate mine.  I also wrapped the tape around the joints of the battle axe to give it more durability.  Also in my photo I should a sword that I made.  That is a whole other Instructable that I am going to show you how to make in my next one.  REMEMBER... Use a lot of tape around the joints to hold them firm.  If you don`t the battle axe will be weak and floppy.  In my picture you can also see that I completely taped my entire battle axe.  This again also adds to the durability of it.  Have fun playing with your battle axe!!!!!!!

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    Paper sword is now made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please rate it and comment.......


    I hav'nt quite had time with school and everything (homework)  maybe this weekend......


    10 years ago on Step 2

    my dad would never let me use that many sheets of paper so i will buy a news paper and hope for the best of it. i think this is very cool and creative.


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 2

    Ya! u could save up the newspapers everyday and use them...  At our house we have like a scrap paper drawer and its always full so i just grab a bunch from there!!!