Battle Damaged She-ra




Why? I saw the cover of the Cereal Geek Magazin and loved the bloody She-ra face. The rest of the costume was created by me.

Step 1: Material:

- Foam

- fake leather (white, gold)

- fake blood

- latex

- gems

- boots

- worbla

- acrylic Color

- red satin fabric

- saw

- small plastic hose

Step 2: Boots - From Brown to Bloody Kick Ass Boots

Bought some second hand boots and sprayed them golden. Because of my big calves I opened the back seam and some extra fake leather and eyes to lace it up. The Applikation ist made of 2mm foam and fake leather sewed on the boot. the gem is glued on it. At the end I added red latex so it looks like blood.

Step 3: Skirt - Lets Destroy It

The skirt is fake leather with a zipper in the back. I destroyed it with a saw.

Step 4: Belt

I created a sewing pattern for it. Sewed it together. added the hose so the seams look bigger and round. I destroyed it with a kitchen knife for bread. The gem was smashed with a hammer and glued to the belt.

Step 5: Bracers

made of fake leather to lace it up. The seams made like the belt with hose. Gems are glued on it.

Step 6: Corsett Cover - Lets Rip It Off

Made a sewing pattern from corsett. the Cover is made of fake leather and 2mm foam. First I made the scratches and than I sewed the flower on it. The red latex was added with a brush and sculpting tools. its made with eyes too lace it on a corsett. the gem was smashed with an hammer and glued on it.

Step 7: Cape - or How My Mother Had Fun

Made of satin. I marked all the places where I wanted to destroy it and my mother burned it with the thermoflamm. :)

To add the dirty look, I mixed brown acrylic color with sand and prushed it on the cape. As a little extra a sewed two little she-ra flowers.

Step 8:

made of Worbla. I created the pattern. Added the scratches with a soldering iron. sprayed several layers of primer on it and colored it with acrylic colors.

Step 9: The Finish Touch

At the end I put it on and my boyfriend added the red latex with a brush so it looks like blood splatter. Mixed some fake mud (like I used at the cape) and added it too.

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    2 years ago

    That looks great. Well done!


    2 years ago

    amazing! a tutorial on the severed grizz-lor head but be sweet too :)


    2 years ago

    You make a great She-Ra, and the battle-damaged details really toughen up the look. Nice work, thanks for sharing!


    2 years ago

    Cool costume. I'd love to see more of a step by step on each of the items.


    2 years ago

    looks great got my vote


    2 years ago

    This looks awesome! I loved She-ra as a kid! :)

    1 reply