Bauble Cluster Ring

Introduction: Bauble Cluster Ring


- Vintage adjustable Fancy Brass Ring
- Vintage Gold Toned Setting Base w/ Tabs
- Vintage Domed Screen Item
- Vintage Lucite Aqua Danglin’ Discs
- Vintage Lucite Danglin’ Discs- Sapphire Item
- Fire Line

1. Cut a 3 foot piece of Fire Line.

2. String an Aqua Danglin’ Disc onto the Fire Line.

3. Stiring both ends of the Fire line through two holes adjacent to one another on the Vintage Domed Screen. Make sure that one end of the Fire Line is about 3 inches long.

4. On the back side of the screen make a double knot with the fire line.

5. Cut the excess Fire Line.

6. String the Fire Line back through the closest hole in the screen.

7. String another Danglin’ Disc.

8. Go back through the screen with the Fire Line.

9. Repeat weaving in and out of the screen with the fire line adding 8 sapphire Danglin" Discs through out the piece. (or as many as you would like.)

10. Once the screen is completely full take your Fire Line and go through two adjacent holes in the screen three times.

11. Make sure the Fire Line is through the back side of the screen. Then thread the Fire Line through the Fire line in the back of the screen.

12. Make a loop to make a knot onto the Fire Line.

13. Make a total of 3 knots.

14.Cut the excess Fire Line.

15 Rivit the Bezel to the Ring.

16. Place the finished screen onto the bezel of the ring.

17. Take flat nosed pliers and press the filigree down onto the screen to attach the two together. Make sure to go all the way around the ring securing it tightly.

18. Adjust the ring to fit your finger and enjoy!

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