Baubles Inside Snowflake

Christmas time!!! 'Tis the most wonderful time of year. I wanted an ornament that represented the beauty of Christmas time. For my project I wanted to make a complex object that also incorporated the simplicity of simple objects related to Christmas. I made it so that my ornament incorporated moving pieces and therefore inside the three intersecting snowflakes there is a ball. On the face of the ball I have three of the most rudimentary Christmas related objects. The snowman represents the essence of wintertime and the "dreaming of a white Christmas". The candy cane represents the sweet tooth that comes along with the holidays. Last, but most certainly not the least is the Christmas Tree. The true representation of Christmas and the kingpin of all Christmas objects represents the gifts that we all long for on Christmas morning and the object that all other objects revolve around. These three objects are extruded through to reveal the final feature of my Christmas ornament. On the very inside there are three baubles (typical Christmas ornaments) that represent all the other ornaments that will surround this one come Christmas time. As you might notice, the theme of my project is three (3 snowflakes, 3 levels, 3 objects extruded through, and 3 baubles inside the ball). This number ties in all the complex concepts and objects with one basic number that everyone can relate to. Overall, although my Christmas ornament is so complex it relies on a very basic number and five very common objects (snowflake, snowman, Christmas tree, candy cane, and baubles) in order to make it relatable to each and every girl and boy out there that look forward to the magic of Christmas every year.

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    Here are more images of the inside work that you can't see with just the picture of the whole ornament.

    Baubles.jpgCandy Cane.jpgChristmas Tree.jpgSnowflake Final Rendering.jpgSnowflake.jpgSnowman.jpg