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Introduction: Baymax Eye Tutorial

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Hey momoluvers! It's momo and today we'll be making a quirky eye look inspired by baymax from Big Hero 6. This tutorial is not easy! Even I struggled with it and it might not have turned out exactly how I imagined but this is super fun even for the experience!

Step 1: Concealer

Use your preferred concealer and blending brush to apply the concealer in a triangle under the eye.

Use the brush to blend small circles around the eye

Step 2: Eyebrows

Full in your eyebrows as you usually would: I use urban decay's naked 2 pallet and a standard eyeshadow brush

Step 3: Primer

It's always important to use primer so your eyeshadow lasts and doesn't smear

Step 4: Drawing Baymax

Use a white eyeliner pencil and draw a circle from corner to corner reaching just above the crease

Draw a small oval on top of the body

Continue to draw the small hand and four fingers

Fill in the shape completely and set it with white powder

Step 5: Outlines

Draw the outline for Baymax as shown above with a liner pen. Make sure you pay extra attention to close details where if left out, can change the look.

Step 6: Waterline

With the white eyeliner pencil, draw a steady line along the waterline.

Use a small liner brush to apply a red shadow under the eye

Step 7: Finished!

And that's it! It's very fun and cute. When I originally saw this I thought immediately I had to create an updated tutorial. I hope y'all enjoyed and let me know if you want more eyeshadow and makeup tutorials!

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Love y'all •_£



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