Baymax From Big Hero 6 Costume





Introduction: Baymax From Big Hero 6 Costume

building a EVA foam costume from scratch

Step 1: Getting a Pattern

The pattern was pulled from a 3d render of Baymax i found off the internet. after loading into a program called Pepakura i was able to scale the pieces to fit and print onto 100lb cardstock.

Step 2: Hot Glue and Razor Blades!

after the pattern is printed, i cut it out with scissors and traced it onto the foam with a black sharpie. you then cut the pattern out using any fassion of utility knife! *note* i purchased a cheap knife sharpener and used it after every few cuts. the sharper the knife, the cleaner the cuts are.
after the pieces are cut i used a high temp glue gun to hold the pieces together. this takes some practice. small amounts of glue go a long way! also hold the seam for at least 30 seconds to allow it time to get a proper hold.

Step 3:

i used a latex caulk to run over my bad seams to fill in the big cracks. its a paintable latex from big box stores.

Step 4: Try It On!

i went through 3 helmet builds until i finally got the sizing right!

Step 5: Strapping It In

i purchased poly web strapping and clips to hold the pieces in place. i wanted mobility so i tried on all of the armor first to figure out the best spots to clip in.

Step 6: Wear It!

even after i had it all together, i wore it and had to go back and make additional cuts and add strapping. there are always things you dont consider unless you wear it first! my knees couldnt bend because of all the foam in yhe back of the legs.

Step 7: Be Proud of What Youve Built!

if you got it, flaunt it :p

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    10 Discussions

    Is there any way you could.sens me the file? I want to build it, yours looks awesome i got inspired

    have you got a link for the pep files for this?


    2 years ago

    Absolutely awesome! I humbly add my name to the list for template files please.

    Great job. This is an impressive build. Thanks for sharing.

    Wow. that is really good!

    This is the one we helped our son make. Your is way better.. We used Arduino to operate the wings up and down.

    sure ill add the Pep files this weekend. and yes, sorry after reading through this i left out a lot of stuff on the actual build. i will add some additional material tomorrow. thanks for all the cool feedback!


    2 years ago

    Wow- that looks fantastic!

    Same here on the files. id love to see more on the actual construction process too. no detail on construction, painting and finishing. very well done though.

    Wow! This is a pretty epic Baymax costume. Thank you for sharing! Is there any way that you could include the files that you used?