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Your personal mini-healthcare assistant. This paper robot that's filled with cuteness can make your day adorable. It can stare at you all day long depending on which angle you want it to be. So prepare your materials now and have fun making one. You can even make this as your gift for your kids, loved ones, special someone, or anyone even strangers because truly, it can make their day so happy.

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Step 1: Materials & PDF

Get all the materials needed to start making BAYMIN. Scissor, tape/glue and printed PDF file with the required pieces and instructions.

Step 2: Cut, Fold, and Paste

Cut the solid black lines, fold the dotted lines and paste the shaded part to form the HEAD.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2

Repeat Step 2 with the other parts.

Step 4: Attach It to the Body.

After you had formed all the parts, combine it using tape/glue. Put a tape/glue in the HEAD with a shaded part and attach it to the specified part of the body. Use the picture of output as a reference.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4.

Repeat Step 4 with the other parts: left arm, right arm, left foot, right foot.

Step 6: HURRAY!

And when you have done attaching all the different parts to the body. Hurray! You got yourself a mini-personal healthcare robot now.

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