Be a Giant Eye Ball in No Time

Introduction: Be a Giant Eye Ball in No Time

I have to admit this instructable is for a select few but very effective for the little work that it takes!

All you need is:
- a pretty pregnant woman on hand come halloween (except if you are going for a saggy eye ball ;) )
- clown make-up 
- little bowl of water
- 2 small round objects (i.e plates)
- black clothe

Step 1: The Marking

Take the smaller of the 2 round object and the black make up.
Center to belly button and draw the circle (a mirror or a friend may be nice for some of this)

Take the larger plate and the make up marker (colour of your choice).Try as much as you can to center it to your belly button and draw the circle.

Step 2: The Drawing

-Draw in your chosen colour between the 2 circles.
-Fill the smaller circle with the black make up 

(Depending on your level of talent, you can try to put in highlights to give it more depth but it's really not that necessary if the lighting is low)

-Draw any skin that will be seen between the large circle and your clothe in white
(I had a white make up powder on hand to help make the white a bit more even but I would try as a substitute baby powder or it should be fine without anything more then the white make up pen)

-I added some red veins to add a little effect (from the clothe toward the iris)

-And voila! if you don't all ready have your black clothe on, this is your cue. I tried to cover as much skin as possible to maximize the effect.  


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Well done!
    Did you consider using glow in the dark paint for extra spookiness?