Beach Bag

Introduction: Beach Bag

This is not much of an instructable, just an idea I had to resuse an old potato bag we had laying around.

My kids always want to bring home as many seashells as their little hands can carry when we vacation at the beach. In the past they have been using old grocery bags which works for a while, however the bags usually get overloaded and break. They also tend to hold all the sand along with the shells, creating a mess. I decided that a better bag would be an old potato bag that we had lying around. They are very strong and the mesh allows them to be placed in water to rinse all the shells off before taking them home.
I don't have any "action" shots of the bags in use, but here they are full of shells.

I took the label off by just peeling it off.
I weighed the bag with the shells and it had 6lbs of shells in it, holding up very nicely even after my kids dragged it around in the sand and surf hunting shells over the course of 5 days.

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