Beach in a Bowl

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There are many different styles that you can choose to make your "beach in a bowl." I used sand and shells and a glass bowl or cup. But if you want a different style/look then you can use different materials on the inside or decorate the outside.

Step 1: Adding the Inside

First pour the sand into your container. I got mine from the beach but you can use whatever you want.

Step 2: Adding Accessories

Once you have chosen your accessories you can put them in however you want to make it look visually pleasing.

Ex. I decided to take a quahog shell and put pearl earrings in it and put that in the middle of my beach in a bowl to add a decorative feel to it.

Step 3: Making It Useful

During the step you can put anything on the outside that you think would make it useful.

Ex. I hung dangly earrings off of this edge of the cup so that it would look fancier and would be more versatile.

Step 4: Picture-Perfect

In the step you put your masterpiece wherever you would like so that it looks picture-perfect.



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