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Hi everyone this instructables is on how to make this large tote beach bag....summer is just around the corner and it could really make you look fashionable and relaxed at the same time.Let's go trough it !Enjoy

Step 1: Gathering Supplies


Sketch-put your idea on the paper,you could as well improvise on the way,but it's nice to wrap the hole story in a package
Pattern-My bag is size 70cm x 70 cm,my handle straps are also 70 cm x 15cm, i use another 35 cm x 35 cm for inside pockets!
Scissors;chalk;pins;zipper,iron,thread(desired colors),measuring tape
Fabric -i would say 1m / 1,5 yard(canvas & domestic) plus/minus for extra parts that you want to add
Fabric Dye-I usually buy blank off white canvas and dye it my self,but you can also skip this step by purchasing different color fabrics!
Heat transfer paper-so you can print your logo on for branding,i'm so lucky my boo designed mine
Sewing Machine-I have landed mine from, a good auntie neighbour !It's time to win my own ;) (i wish)

Step 2: Let's Do It Then!

First of all i purchase off white canvas with different fabric dye's(I use Dylon and Rit powder dye,somethimes liquid)
i then first cut my fabric,love the stripes for this season so i cut them 72 cm x 17 cm (a bit bigger then original pattern but they shrink once you dye them,wash them ,so make sure that you add some 4 cm for shrinking and for seams)I even invented bamboo measuring tape it works gr8.
Follow the instructions on the box and dye your canvas.
Wash it real good you don't want color leeking all over the place later!And make sure when you are drying that two different colors are not touching each other,in this wet stage they like to!So handle with care!
Iron press for nice and neat results

Step 3: Check Your Pattern and Start Sewing

I have all this stripes 70 cm x 70 cm and then i'm just sewing them together and cut the bottom corners out(like in pattern),make sure you sew them safely ,I sew two thogether and then open them up with iron , and sew another stich on each side of the different fabric,picture will explain everything

Step 4: Lining

I love my lining in nice vibrant colors!
in same order sew peaces of fabric (70cm x 15 cm,2 cm for seams) well at the top i insert zipper so that is a step for it self and we are getting there just sew 4 stripes (70 cm x 15 cm each)and then the top stripe cut in half this is where your zipper is getting in,keep the part that you cut out, you will sew that latter when you prepare your zipper!
Fabric peaces different colors in this dimensions work great for me, if i want thiner stripes i just cut them half 70 cm x 8.5 cm ,otherwise i just play with all this colored stripe fabric! If i'm planing to put some applique i would dye biger peace of fabric or just craft out of stripes that you have.I'm usually making couple of bags at once is faster,cheaper just easier if you are trying to manufacture my" recipe" bags all by your self.It takes 3 days to make it with dye-ing ,drying,ironing,sewing and to finished product but with time you get better and faster!
Take a look on the inside pocket,it's 45 cm x 45 cm it goes from edge to edge and I then iron,to almost half, and make nice finished endings, and insert key hook,then sew vertical lines so you separate one big pocket in to three or four smaller ones!

Step 5: Tag

You may just do the tag now ,before the zipper so you can attach it easily to your lining and outside if you wish!
I'm so lucky my boo knows all them things about graphic design,he is so talented so he design my tag,and is doing all my branding.
But honest you can do it your self i'm sure there is plenty instructables on that as well .
My brand name is "La Isla Bonita" i operate from small Caribbean Island,Grenada,so we recon name is catchy and also very true!This Island of Spice is beautiful! 
So back to our project,print your label on heat transfer paper,cut it out,cut squares of domestic fabric and iron on following the instructions from heat transfer paper company!
Iron edges nicely,clip the edges for finer finish,and you can also sew it on another square of canvas fabric if you wish,I do,or for lining i just sew one layer,depends really ! 
You can embroider edges how ever you think is pretty .
Now sew it on to outside and lining fabric.

Step 6: Applique

Best time to also attach applique.This is a custom made bag and my customer wanted a heart and peace sign,but go and get creative with this part! i did share shark applique in my previous instructables!
i take the same 70 cm x 15 cm colored stripes of fabric and craft a heart,cut it out,pin to my fabric and then used right button stich to sew it on all aroun the edges!

Step 7: Handle Stripes

Again take  70 cm x 15 cm x2,two different colors of stripes fabric and cut one in half and the other one half and half son you get 4 peaces and 2 in another color...make sense?I belive picture would clear up all the confusion .Iron the edges a bit on inside and then fold in half and join them together,sew along the open side .This is your handle stripes and you can attach them right now by sewing them along the edge of fabric right side up just sew 1 cm all along!

Step 8: Zipper

Almost done once you come to zipper you are almost done just have to attach all this peaces thogether .
First of all cut x2/ 70 cm x 15cm in half horizontal !so you end up with 4 peaces, then cut  extra two little peaces to close up your zipper nicely on the ends.
Sew the ends of the zipper ,attach and hide the ending  with a double stich to make it more secure,then lay one strap on the table,place the zipper facing up on top of this ,and then place another strap on top (is for nice finish on outside and inside of the bag),sew along the zipper,do the same for the other side,and don't forget to stich on the outside all along so the zipper wouldn't get stuck with fabric.Once you did that now you have to insert it in to your lining .
Just place lining bigest part and then zipper faceing up and then a little part that you cut out before,sew along ,once you open you start realizing how nice is gonna be in the end !Do the same with other part of lining!
There is your zipper attached to the lining!

Step 9: Finishing the Bag

Sew together  fabric and then lining,faceing right sides together,clip the bottom corners now if you didn't do it earlyer and sew on the sides and bottom leaving one lining corner open,this is where you gonna turn your bag around! Turn lining right side out and place it in to the outside fabric right sides in.Pin the two together matching the sides.Sew and turn around trough lining bottom open corner.
Next is to sew this corner together put lining in to the bag and top stich all around the edge and you are all done This is your bag inside out! with instructables for tag and zipper,as i said i like a nice package!
Hope you like my project and that i can get some vote's from you since I'm in Fashion Contest.Sewing machine for me would be the sweetest thing right now!
It s so easy ,yet this bag's are full of details,and are created with lot's of love!

Step 10: Sugar Bag in the End

If you are planing to sell this bags or give them out as gifts this is a perfect i would say luxary way to package them.
Cut two peaces of domestic fabric add your label to it .sew it together and live space for ribbon on the top.
To finish the package make a little flyer to give out.I pose for my own for now,but i'm planing to do profesional shot with models,it should help my handmade business!
Is this all ,I think it is !
Stay creative and play around i say eat;pray;love and be creative keep the balanse and enjoy every day!

Step 11: Inspiration and Some of the Work I Did So Far

Some of the bags i designed and made so far.
Thank you for your attention & love ,vote for me so i can earn this wonderful sewing machine!
One love!

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    7 years ago

    Im really sorry!! I love your bags and can't wait to give it a go but i accidentally pressed the little flag button and marked it as incomplete!! My sincerest apologise!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you happen to live in Caribbean colors would hit you real hard all about colors here!I love it ,


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you,more i do it i get more ideas and this colors are so inspiring,they drive me to better and better design...Caribbean greenery plays a major role in inspiration as well!Have a nice day!

    Muhaiminah Faiz
    Muhaiminah Faiz

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Looking forward to see more from you. I'm going to try this ible very soon. all your creations are super cute, love'em :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    OO gr8 you gonna love it is so simple tote bag yet is so fashionable!