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Introduction: Beach Coffee Table

My wife wanted beach themed something and I wanted to build something for a winter project. What I came up with is ... uh... interesting. Different, anyhow...

A coffee table that is a sofa-length surfboard riding on a wave.

The tabletop itself was made from doweling together alternating strips of red and white 5/4 oak. Inspiration was from one of the many pictures of surfboards for sale on the internet.

The "wave" end is made of autobody filler over wire lathe over landscape fabric all resting on a fairly intricate oak frame.
The wave sports a convenience outlet internally that feeds an internal 12v power supply to feed the led light strips for indirect lighting and a convenience outlet that is reachable externally under the "curl" for laptop power,etc.

The "nose" end "leg" was made from a 3" solid piece of plastic and fitted into a standard 3" flange. 

Total hours... many.. total dollars, around 240, with the body filler being most expensive at about $20 a gallon.



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    I have never seen anything like this. Very creative!

    Amazing, wish you had some pictures of it in the making. The wave part of it is blowing my mind I can't wrap my head around how you did it.

    Go to amazon and search for cast acrylic round rod. You will see L-P-391A, Clear.
    A 24" section will set you back $54.59 plus a little shipping.

    No, it is planned for rev2.Not a lot of room but there will be enough for a small drawer. Also planned for rev2 will be an imbedded logitech harmony all in one remote or similar device. The larger harmony is advantageous because it's large and the kids are less likely to lose or toddle off with it and will fit into an autocharging cradle.