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Introduction: Beachcomber Weathervane

First instructable - give me a break.
Over the years I have improved a personal model of weathervane. Today Strolling on the beach with the grandkids, I built one for the Nth time and decided tto share.

Step 1:

Gather your materials:
1 seagull feather and
various sized pieces of bamboo

Step 2:

Start with the propeller. Take a flat piece of bamboo, make a hole big enough to force the spacer in.
If it splits, the hole wasn't big enough. If it wobbles, the hole is too big. Carve away a strip about 5mm wide on both sides of the propeller, one on the top-left and the other on the bottom-right.. Shave the blades in alternate inclination.
Split a piece of bamboo to make the axis. Leave it ticker on the side of the notch, to retain the propeller. Trim the other side to fit loosely in the spacer.
Insert the axis in the spacer and balance the propeller. If one side tends to swing down, it is heavier than the other. Carve away some shavings on the back, until both sides compensate each other.

Step 3:

Make one hole through the top of the base.

Step 4:

Insert the axis in the spacer and then in the hole on the base. Cut off the tip of the feather and insert the axis in the hollow of the feather.

Step 5:

Sharpen the tip of the stem and place the base with the propeller and feather on it.

Step 6:

Final notes:

For windy days, use heavier, thicker pieces of bamboo. It will outstand months in the wind and rain. Fragile bamboo and lowest tech. handicraft amaze me every time.

While combing the beach for the materials, it’s a good idea to keep the knife closed, for safety.

It’s not an excuse if there are no drift bamboo pieces on your beach, or beach in your area.. Look around… improvise. And, have fun  

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea ... now if only I can get the town I live in to install an ocean with a beach ...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    One hundred year ago, or so, the mayor of a small inland village, wrote to the government asking for electricity, running water, and sewage. The reply he received was something like: You’ve asked for so many things, how about we build you also a beach? The village is Messejana and obviously this was a laughing matter for all the nearby villages.
    The older folks, still remember when remarks like “How’s the beach today” would end up in violence.
    Careful with what you wish for, Lorddake.

    Thanks for your comment.