Beachy Dry




Introduction: Beachy Dry

Hey Beauties

Its beach season again
Gear up your wardrobe with this chic DIY Beach Maxi

You bet Ladies!!
Ya'll gonna turn heads this year :)

Step 1: Measurements N' Supplies

You need :
1.Fabric- plain white cotton blend
2. Undyed Cotton 5 ply thread
4.2-4 Dye colors
5.A corset pattern
6.Undyed cotton lace (1/2 mtr is enough) OPTIONAL
7. Sewing Machine
8. Sewing thread

Take plain white fabric 4 meters length, with a width of 40-44 inches.

We need a minimum of 40 inches width to develop surface texture.
Be sure you select a cotton mix, as pure silks are hard to dye vividly
I chose pure shantoon (44" width), so as to make it cost effective and also breezy on summer days.

Step 2: Prepare to Tie

Gather entire fabric widthwise into pleats
Fold pleated form lengthwise into half
Twist folded fabric tightly.
You can also ask your pal to hold other end, as the length might make it hard to do it alone
Tie cotton 5 ply thread around the twisted fabric
Its ready to be dipped and dyed

Step 3: Dye Along :)

Take a cooking vessel with enough depth to submerge fabric partially in liquid
Fill it with 8 cups of tap water
Add 1 teaspoon salt
Note :- Salt helps the dye to stick to fabric permanently
Put 5 gms dye of your chosen color to water after it simmers once.
Keep it on flames until it takes good 4-5 simmers.
Switch off the stove, and insert twisted fabric partially into the solution
Keep an eye on timer.
Take out after 5 minutes and quickly put the dyed part into cold running tap water.
(It lets the excess dye drain out)
Prepare another dye color and repeat same procedure for other half.
(5 gms of dye gives brighter and lighter shades,while 8-10 gms tend to give a dark color)
You can chose the amount of dye as per your choice.

Step 4: Prep :)

Let the twist cool for a few minutes.
meanwhile prepare cutting patterns-
1.Two rectangles -10 cms wide and 60 cms long
2.Corset front and back, eliminating side panels
3. 2 panels-110 cms long :: 40" wide
4.neck front and back patterns
(I used racer @ back and a deep 'V' neckline @ front)

Step 5: Let's Decorate!!

Unfold the twist and let dyed fabric dry in sun.
Afterwards iron to prepare it for surface decoration.

Step 6: Cut It Beach....

Place the prepared paper patterns over dyed cloth
Cut accordingly.
Put aside two rectangular panels- 110 cms long ; 40" wide
(Psst.....These are our side panels)
Here the size I took is US -10

Step 7: Tuck It Hard Babe.

Take one of the 110 cms side panel.
Mark and sew broad tucks (.5" wide) to entire cloth width
Later, transform them to WAVE tucks which are also known as-'The pearl tucks'

place space tucks 0.5cm each to fabric width...Later put alternate (left+right inclined) horizontal stitches across space tucks giving 2-4 inches gap in between horizontal stitches.

Repeat the same with second side panel

Step 8: Put It All Together

Sew in all panels accordingly:

1.front top+ front lower panel
2.Back top+Back lower panel
3.Side panel A+ front and back
4.Side panel B+front and back

Finish hem, neckline & armhole facings.

Step 9: N Here We Are

Your Maxi is Ready to be worn.
Here,I inserted two triangular lace panels just below front corset to provide emphasis
You may use other decorations such as feathers, buttons, chains, studs- or just leave it plain.

Step 10: Steal the Looks ;)

You are ready to go.....
Accesorize with a chain pendant
punk earrings
or be plain

You anyhow gonna steal looks this summer :)
P.S.- Its a time taking process. Be patient while Dying.
(I still have an armhole to finish :))

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    15 Discussions


    2 years ago

    SO pretty!!


    2 years ago

    SO pretty!!


    2 years ago

    I would be interested in seeing instruction on how to do the tucks

    2 replies

    Its a very simple yet time taking space tucks 0.5cm each to fabric width...Later put alternate (left+right inclined) horizontal stitches across space tucks giving 2-4 inches gap in between horizontal stitches.

    Have a nice try :)


    2 years ago

    Really pretty... Would surely try this summer!

    1 reply

    Glad You liked it .....
    Have a Nice try :)

    I love the wave tucks! At first glance I thought it was just shirring, but these tucks are much more fun :)

    1 reply

    These are rather time taking techniques.
    but once you are done with one side.. other side is just a matter of 15 mins
    Glad you liked it