Bead Buddies




Introduction: Bead Buddies

Want to make a durable, poseable action figure? You came to the right Instructable!

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

These are durable action figures I call bead buddies! They are Poseable and cool to make scenes out of!
FIRST you're gonna need:
HOT GLUE GUN (optional)
6 small beads
5 medium beads ( I think a symmetrical bead buddy looks cool, so get 2 of one color a 3 of another)
a bead buddy head of choice ( I prefer no face, just eyes or a unique bead for the head)
4 beads bigger than the small beads and smaller than the big beads (medium small)

Step 2: Skeleton

To make your bead buddy move, just like every human being, he needs a skeleton!
1 make a Y with 2 points 2 1/2" and the other 2"
2 Bend the other pipe cleaner in half then bend it back , but leave about an inch still bent making a sort of V.
3 Place them on top of eachother and and it will make a headless stick figure!

Step 3: Body and Legs

Now to give your bead buddy a body and legs!
1Slide the 4 medium beads on the Y ( 2 one color and 2 the other color )
2slide the last medium bead on the remaining point
3 FEET use 2 of the medium small beads on the remaining space on the legs and bend them forward.


1take th 6 small beads and the other 2 medium small beads and slap them down the pipe cleaner
2Little beads first medium smalls the second
3Place the Unique bead on the head
4bend the pipe cleaners up an hook the beads on, so they won't fall off

Step 5: Upgrades and Tips

1If your bead buddy's head or foot keeps coming off, just feed another pipe cleaner through his head and out his foot, cut off the pipe cleaner but don't cut off too much or you won't be able to hook nit around his foot or head and it will fall off.
2 Sword. You can make a sword out of pipe cleaners for him to hold
3Magnets. You can glue magnets on your bead buddy's feet so he can stick to metal! ( this is when you use the hot glue gun )

Step 6: Finished!

Your first bead buddy is "ALIVE" He may not be your last, make more friends and enemies for your bead buddies!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, how cute! I love them. Totally making some of these.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yes They can stand up if you use flat beads '_'