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Hi everyone. Today I will show you how to make Bead Lizards. Once you have made the lizards, thy can be used as jewelry, badges or just models. Read through the instructable before starting so you can understand what is needed. I hope the instructions are simple to understand and that you enjoy making them.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials needed will differ depending on the size and type of lizard you make. But for this design you will need:

- Approximately 70 beads (optional colors) 
- Around 60cm (24 inches) of metal wire

Optional Materials for different purposes:
- Key ring (Key chain)
- Safety pin (for a badge)
- A pair of stud earrings
- Ring

Step 2:

First thread one bead to the middle of the the metal wire. Add another two beads like in image 1. Now take the wire from the opposite side of where you put the beads and thread it through like image 2 and 3. At this point both ends of the wires would have gone through the two beads. Pull the wires so that the beads are tightened together up to the first bead (image 5). They should end up looking like a triangle. Learn how to thread because this is the technique that will be used throughout the instructable. Thread another 3 beads (you can make the beads on the outside in a different color to represent eyes like image 9) followed by two rows of two beads for the neck.

Step 3: Front Legs

Thread three beads to form the chest. Now add 6 beads on the one side of the wire ( image 2). Take that same side of the wire and thread it through only the three inner beads (image 3 and 4). Tighten the beads to the rest of the body like image 6. Repeat this for the other side. This will form the front legs of the lizard.

Step 4: Middle Section

Thread another 7 rows of beads varying in length:
- 4 beads
- 5 beads
- 5 beads
- 4 beads
- 3 beads
- 2 beads
- 2 beads

Step 5: Back Legs and Tale

The back legs are exactly the same as the front legs, only thread the inner three beads.Once you have made the two back legs you must add the tail. For the tail you need to thread two beads followed by six rows of singular beads. It should end up looking like image 5. If you want to leave it as a model lizard, tie the excess wire into knots and cut the rest of the wire off.

Step 6: Keychain

To make a key chain you can knot the excess wire around the key ring. Tie it around a few times so it doesn't fall off.

Step 7: Earrings

To make it into earrings you will need a pair of stud earrings. Using the left over wire at the end of the lizard, tie it around to form a ring (image 1). Slide the post of the earring through the ring of the lizard (image 2) and add the fastener at the end.

Step 8: Badge

To make it into a badge, take a safety needle and thread it through your clothing (image 1). Pass the pin over and under one row of beads on the lizard like image 2. Then just thread it through the clothing and close it on the inside.

Step 9: Ring

To make it into a ring, take an ordinary ring and add a drop of super glue or silicone and stick the lizard on top.

Step 10: Finished Lizards

This instructables just shows the technique of how to make bead animals. Now you must be creative and make your own designs and patterns. Add different color beads and make them in different sizes.
Thank you for checking out my instructable. I hope the instructions and images are clear and easy to understand and that you enjoyed making it. Please leave comments on what you think and how I can improve this instructable. 

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    I love these! Thank you oodles for putting up the instructions, I truly appreciate it.

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